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Is Ghana The Gateway To Africa?

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While our leaders are seriously spending time, energy and money promoting Ghana as or to become the gateway to Africa, it is very important to make sure that the support mechanisms needed to implement whatever promises are made in these promotions are available to these potential investors once they are in Ghana and also when they get back to their respective countries. While I always give credit to Kuffour and even Rawlings administrations for what they did and are doing to bring the country back to normalcy, I do not hesitate in criticizing them for what needs to be done to accelerate the process of making Ghana a better place for all of us. I have been involved at different capacities in ...view middle of the document...

Once you get out of the plane in Ghana, there is only one entry to get inside the airport. I am assuming this is the entrance that everybody uses including the President and all the ministers and the business people once they get to Ghana. Once you enter the main Airport gate, there are about 4 to 6 air-condition units that blow some cold air to cool you skin for the 30 second walking area to the main arrival hall. These are all split type air-condition units and the sight of these units at the point of arrival to Ghana (the gateway to Africa) is very deplorable. These units are blowing cold air ok but they are dirty and also they are all supported with duct tapes to prevent some of their parts from falling off. It is a sight that will send chilling sensations to an average Ghanaian upon seeing them. The question is, do our leaders close their eyes when they get to Ghana and hence they may not see these or just because, there are so many problems to fix and this is not one of them? By the way, the same condition exists in the departure hall where they have the boots that one can buy Guinness etc to sit and relax. Are we saying to the rest of the world that we are so poor that we cannot even afford to replace dying air condition units? If we cannot replace them, at least we should be able to clean them or remove them since they serve no useful purpose since their thirty seconds cooling pleasure is all what is available for the one to two hour period you will spend at the airport before you get out. Whoever is in charge of the airport should be ashamed of this scene. Also, the arrival hall is simply bad. While the arrival hall is as hot as hell, all the wires and cables that support the utilities in this hall are 100 percent exposed to the arrival passengers. It is an ugly scene and a bad representation of what Ghana is. If this is the way to welcome people to Africa, then I am afraid we are doing a very bad job. Definitely, this is not the right gate for Africa. Oh! By the way, the immigration officers need to learn how to smile to arriving passengers and ask intelligent questions.

Dealing with Potential Investors. Today, Ghanaian leaders are doing a good job promoting Ghana to bring investors to Ghana. I do applaud the efforts of most of our leaders at home and abroad. While I have personally dealt with a number of these leaders both home and abroad, I think they have the passion of bringing in investors to help us develop our nation. I am not going to touch on the kinds of people who come to Ghana but will rather focus my little energy on our response to these investors once they leave the shores of Ghana after their wonderful visits. The Ghana Investment Promotion Council (GIPC) and the Ghana Freezone Board (GFB) are all nice government agencies that spend lots of money advertising to promote Ghana as a good investment platform. I have had many meetings with leaders of these agencies at different times and at various capacities. While...

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