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Is Fame Really Worth It Essay

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Martina Brooks
Art 1
24 October 2014
Is Fame Really Worth It All?
When it comes to the life of an artist, or anyone famous for that matter, it is almost always a daily struggle for them trying to fight with what comes with that fame. The main reason is the thought of always having to live up to high expectations from their fans and the people they work with. Once they have a certain signature, they are always expected to reciprocate that and are ostracized when they don’t give it. Because of that, they either go to a means of substance abuse to momentarily get away from it all, or they just give up. In Jean-Michel Basquiat’s case, he did both.
An artist’s major fault, I believe, is forgetting who they are and where they came from once they reach that fame stage; sometimes they want to win it all, and that is what ultimately ruins their ...view middle of the document...

I would stay humble just because of the fact that I came from humble beginnings, just like Basquiat did. But, fame does have a way of changing people into something they were better off not being.
As I said before, it’s a daily struggle for artists to fight the urge to let fame and fortune consume them. Some don’t; but others, like Basquiat, do. Once you change, you end up leaving behind those are you care for most. I personally feel that Basquiat wasn’t justified in how he treated his friends; it really shows that he indeed let fame and fortune get the best of him. Despite that, he also didn’t have an obligation to bring his friends along with him because it was his choice after all. My own friends play a huge role in my life; they helped shape me into the person I am today and for that, I am grateful. If I were famous, I would only hope that they will still be the same friends they were before I became famous; they would be there for me and not for my fortune.
If there is one thing I can relate to with Basquiat, it’s his sense of loneliness. At one point he had friends, and everything was good. But once he became an artist and he pushed his friends away, he didn’t really have any friends except for Warhol. Even then you could tell he still felt alone. He would resort to drugs everyday to take his mind away from it all. I too, have my own ways of taking my mind off of problems I face; music. We aren’t open people and we often time need someone there who understands us for who we are. Like Basquiat, I don’t think we ever found that person.
So to answer the question, I don’t think fame is worth it all, or anything for that matter. It gives false hope and momentary happiness and it’s times when you’re by yourself and in deep thought that you really feel the separation from everything around you. You can’t help but to fold into yourself and cry sometimes. Art, fame, fortune; they’re all a means to an end. A very sad, and tragic end. It starts off happy but it ruins lives. History has proven that multiple times.

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