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Is Fair Trade Chocolate Really Fair?

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How fair is fair trade chocolate?

Is chocolate leaving a bitter taste in your mouth? But now fair trade has made its way around and is a sweet solution to poverty. Fairtrade is an organization that offers the poor better trading conditions allowing them to earn the money that they should earn. Fair trade has lived up to their values by; reducing poverty, supporting better work conditions and protecting human rights in addition. The chocolate industry has a very bittersweet story behind it which includes child slavery and human trafficking.

Human trafficking is a hardship that many ...view middle of the document...

Free day care centers have been opened so farmers don’t have to worry about their kids and work freely and happily. Better working conditions have taken place as Fair Trade has improved the amount of activities that women participate in. Most if not all of the farmers at Kuapa Kooko understand the value of trade; they even sell their own goods for a better profit rather than selling it to big companies e.g. Cadbury, Nestle.

The sweet chocolate that we consume has a bitter story behind it. Children have been ensnared into slavery (mainly into Ivory Coast) and many are sold to cocoa farmers therefore resulting in child slavery as the get minimal pay to no pay at all. Because people have very minimal on them some either sell their children unaware of what is going on. Traffickers trick them into thinking that they will get to a better place when really they are being lured into slavery. Kuapa Kooko has help to reduce kidnapping by only accepting child free beans. Although it isn’t easy to trace Kuapa Kooko farmers they have done their best to track down farms that seem suspicious....

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