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Is Democracy Really The Best Form Of Government?

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It is inarguably a prevalent notion that democracy is the best form of government. Some developed countries practicing full democracy, such as the United States have been on the frontline of advocating for democracy in the countries that are considered non-democratic. Consequently, the whole world has been led to believe that democracy is the ideal form of government. However, it is debatable as to whether the above is true or not. Basing on the flaws of democracy, it is my belief that countries should have the liberty of implementing their own unique forms of governance that they deem as effective without any foreign advocacy for democracy. Consequently, if the resultant form of government ...view middle of the document...

Second, proponents of democracy claim that it represents the people as they can oust out of power any defunct leaders. However, that can only happen after an election cycle ends. Therefore, given a situation of a bad ineffective leader, the electorate has to persevere for the period of the election cycle before they can do anything. Another problem is that whoever takes power is determined by the majority; thus leaving a minority with no alternative but follow the will of the majority. Considering that in a democracy the electorate votes for leaders they think will best represent their interests, the minority will always be on the losing end. In regards to the 2012 United States presidential elections, president Obama won against Romney in a 51.1-47.2 margin. Therefore, it is a valid argument that with Obama as the president, only slightly more than half of the electorate feel that their interest are being taken care of. What about the latter lot which is almost equal to the former? Although a person in power (regardless how effective they are) cannot please everyone, the greater the difference between the margin between the winner and the loser, the higher the number of people who feel they are being represented. Also, looking at the recent government shutdown, the efforts by the Republicans to stall the functioning of the government in an effort to create a negative publicity for the Democrats was not in the interest of the people who elected them. Their actions hurt the same commoners who they are supposed to be representing.
Third, it is evident that democracies are not the best in economic growth. Due to the freedom of the populace, an attempt by the government to execute projects such as mining and constructions are in most cases met by protests from groups like environmentalists. Failure of the government to heed to their voices would often lead to increase in unpopularity and consequently being ousted out of power when the election period arrives. This is however not case in other systems that exercise absolute power. Since the populace does not have a say in the governing of the country, enormous projects can be executed within a short time without any resistance. As a result the economy of the country grows at a faster pace. A good example is China which has witnessed a rapid economic growth within a very short time, currently ranking as the second largest economy in the world.
Finally, democracies have evolved to be more about money. In the US, billions of dollars are being spent in campaigns every four years. For instance, the amount spent on presidential race in 2008 was $2.4 billion, with Democrat Barrack Obama spending $730 million and Republican John McCain spending $330 million on their respective campaigns (Politico). This defeats the fundamental principle of democracy where anyone can hold public office regardless of their economic or social status so long as they receive approval from a majority of the populace....

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