Is Cosmetic Surgery For You? Essay

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Is Cosmetic Surgery for You?

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Cosmetic surgery is a way to improve appearances, physical features, and defects. Many people believe cosmetic procedures are simple with no complications. But the people that research become aware of the benefits and risks before making a final decision.

The benefits in cosmetic procedures can improve looks which may boost self confidence (Dr. Mehmet, 2008). It can help lead to a better life, attain goals by being more active. Having a more portioned body and feeling comfortable may help to succeed in relationships, careers, and higher pay. Today people do not have time to manage daily task. Such as, exercise ...view middle of the document...

The risks for these procedures are blood clots, muscle damage, and a 15 percent chance to be redone. It is highly recommended to have these procedures performed by a surgeon with five years of experience in these types of procedures. The most popular procedures with the least risk are breast implants, eyelid lifts, and brow lifts, but the surgeon may suggest the measurements so the patient will not put themselves at risk with drastic changes in their appearance (Dr. Arthur Perry, 2007).

Dr. Rohrich states, searching for a cosmetic surgeon is most important for these procedures (Dr. Rohrich, 2006). His recommendation for finding the right surgeon is to ask the right questions. For example, make sure the surgeon is certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery, What type and how often do they perform the procedure? Look at before and after results, get references, make sure the procedure will be performed in a safe environment and get a second opinion. The more information received can give a better understanding of concerns and needs which may help make a decision.

During the interview the surgeon’s responsibilities are to ask questions. The information given by the patient will help him or her determine the purpose for this type of procedure. This question can also give the surgeon an idea for any unrealistic expectations from the patient. For example, getting the procedure to make someone else happy, someone wants you to have the procedure, but you do not want too, or expecting to look exactly like the picture (Dr. Robert Tornambe, 2010). The patient’s responsibilities is to see if the surgeon shows interest in the type of procedure requested, willing to give his or her recommendations for the procedure, does not hesitate when asking for his or her references and requires a complete physical. If the patient is approved for the procedure then the next step is surgery.


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