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Is Cohabitation A Good Alternative To Marriage?

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Is cohabitation good alternative to marriage? (against)
Cohabitation, by definition, is an agreement between a man and a woman to live together and have a sexual relationship without being married.(Oxford Dictionary 8th edition) De factor cohabiting relationship has become a controversial topic due to the fact that family has changed from marriage to cohabitation despite scientists’ recommendation. Is cohabitation a good alternative to marriage? In fact, this phenomenon has many negative effects on the couples as well as their children. It contains exceedingly breakable essence (David de Vaus, Lixia Qu, Ruth Veston,2005), has more violence than married counterparts (Patrica Morgan, 2000) ...view middle of the document...

From the same resource, for all women, the probability that an intact first cohabitation makes the transition to marriage after 1 year is 30 percent, after 3 years is 57 percent and after 5 years is 69 percent. By some estimates, the mainly reasons for cohabitation disruption fall into some categories related to finance, education and age. Higher age associated with lower probability of premarital disruption. Likewise, higher education and higher family income are associated with a lower likelihood of indirect marriage dissolution. However, those reasons do not fully explain the fragile nature of cohabitation. According to the same resource, there is small disruption gap between cohabitating couples who are at different ages, receive dissimilar education and earn unequal family income. More specifically, the average of disruption of cohabiting women who are under 18 years old is 51 percent, compared to 47.6 percent of those who are between 20 to 24 years old. Similarly, the disruption average of women with less than a high school education maintains at 44.6 percent, compared to 49 percent of women with further high school education. Likewise, the dissolution gap among women whose annual income from 25,000 USD to 49,999 USD and at least 50,000 USD is 3 percent. These data suggest that cohabitation is intrinsically more fragile than marriage regardless of age, education or finance.
Cohabitation is characterized by not only high dissolution rate but also poor marital satisfaction and high level of domestic violence (M.Stanley, et al,2006; M. Kamp Dush, et al,2003; David de Vaus, et al,2005). Such a finding might contradict the fact that the increasing number of non-marital cohabiting couples while declining number of marriage during the second half of the twentieth century (Hyattsville, Maryland, 2002). Additionally, in Australia, most of research relies on obsolete data (David de Vaus, et al) and in the United State, few of several sources related to marriage, divorce and cohabitation are still active (Hyattsville, et al). However, there are some essential explanations have been offered for the links between premarital cohabitation and low quality and poor satisfaction of subsequent marriage. According to these explanations, those who cohabit before marriage have more unconventional background, attitude, values and experiences than those who get married directly. These differences, therefore, increased the likelihood of poor marital quality. In terms of dysfunction, the US National Family V

iolence Resurvey showed that approximately 35 percent of cohabiting couples underwent physical assault during the previous year, compared to 15 percent of married couples. From 1981 to 1996, the percent of cohabiting persons reporting violence was continuously higher than that of married ones. Especially, in 1985, more than 80 out of every 100 cohabiting partners reported violence, compared to less than 45 per 100 married spouses. Although there are a...

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