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Is Caricom Still Relevant Essay

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Is Caricom still relevant?

Chapter 1 - Introduction #
Section 1.1 – The genesis of caricom #
Section 1.2 – Countries currently part of caricom #

Chapter 2 - relevance #
Section 2.1 – Objectives #
Section 2.2 - Achievements #

Chapter 3 - Conclusion #

The Caribbean, a region comprising of some 30 countries, is largely known for leisure and relaxation as tourist bask in the Sea and Sun. However as small economies the question of how these economies can shape their futures, has always been at the fore-front of its political minds. Thus recognizing the power of unity, a number of these countries have forged together into a force that can ...view middle of the document...

Countries making up caricom
Country Date Entered

To answer this question, it is important to examine the reasons for establishing CARICOM and are those reasons still relevant today.


“CARICOM was formed in an effort to promote regional integration among the nations of the Caribbean. Its focus not on the Caribbean as a mere group of islands and mainland territories but as a community” – Wiki Answers
The Objectives of CARICOM, according to its website are:

a) improved standards of living and work;

(b) full employment of labour and other factors of production;

(c) accelerated, co-ordinated and sustained economic development and convergence;

(d) expansion of trade and economic relations with third States;

(e) enhanced levels of international competitiveness;

(f) organisation for increased production and productivity;

(g) the achievement of a greater measure of economic leverage and effectiveness of Member States in dealing with third States, groups of States and entities of any description;

(h) enhanced co-ordination of Member States' foreign and [foreign] economic policies; and 

(i) enhanced functional co-operation, including - 
(i) more efficient operation of common services and activities for the benefit of its peoples; 

(ii) accelerated promotion of greater understanding among its peoples and the advancement of their social, cultural and technological development;

(iii) intensified activities in areas such as health, education, transportation, telecommunications. |

The common thread, in relations to the work of CARICOM is that through unity and integration we can improve ourselves not as individuals but collectively as a group.

What has CARICOM achieve
* Caribbean Examination Council
* Regional Nursing Body and the
* Caribbean Court of Justice
* Caribbean Association of National Training Agency’s (CANTA)
* Caribbean National Vocational Qualification
* The West Indies Cricket team
* Caribbean Court of Justice
* Respond to the powerful bodies out as when OECD, as a Community.
* Participated in the...

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