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Is Call Obsolete Essay

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Article Review
For my Article Review I decided to read, Is CALL Obsolete? Language Acquisition and Language Learning Revisited in a Digital Age by Huw Jarvis and Stephen Krashen. Computer-Assisted Language Learning or CALL for short has become an ever expanding. CALL was created to help people learn different languages with the use of computers. It came about in the 1960's before much was known about how we learn different languages. I think this seemed like a good idea at the time, but the creator just did not have enough data on how humans learn new languages. Now fifty years later different methods and practices of it have helped more people to better understand languages that are ...view middle of the document...

We like to stay connected to those around us. We are also curious and now we have the news at our finger tips. We have so many opportunities to learn and spread knowledge and many people take advantage of these opportunities.
The biggest way it seems that humans have been able to learn and grow and speak new languages is by social media. We have facebook, twitter, tumblr, Instagram, YouTube and a host of other networks that support forums and communication with other people. These social media sites are what promotes language development and expansion. A study was done in Thailand using second language acquirer undergraduates (Jarvis 2013). The study showed that no subjects reported using only their native language and at least 95% reported using at least some English. The students were also asked to take a survey. One of the questions asked was about their time on the internet. The question asked them, "Generally, when using computers, smartphones, and tablets which languages do you use?" Zero percent of participants checked the box that said that they only use Thai. Zero percent. This means that they are incorporating other languages in their day to day activities while online. Still using the same question another important piece of data was discovered. The next box the participants could have checked in reference to which language they use while online was "Mainly Thai, some English". This box received 61 percent. A little over half of all the participants reported using some...

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