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Is Becoming Transcended Desirable? Essay

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Transcendentalism is a philosophy that values the spiritual over the material in the belief that man is essentially good, and should strive to be “transcended” to a higher state of being, fulfilling their potential. The actual way to become transcended though, has being constantly changing, with some claiming the need to be one with nature, while other claimed the need for self-reliance. Despite the idealistic philosophy, becoming transcended is hardly as desirable as it seems, for there are various impracticality in the philosophy that are results of human nature, which accounts for it’s ever changing meaning of transcendentalism as people strive to make it practical.

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Transcendentalism promotes the spiritual at the expense of the material, which is hardly desirable. While without our physiological needs, there is little point in seeking the spiritual. It is undeniable that a warm cosy house is preferable to a starving in a small log cabin in the middle of winter. Similarly, one needs a certain amount of material processions before looking at the spiritual. In Thoreau’s Walden, Thoreau admittedly had some processions with him in the woods. He had built himself a cabin, was free from debts to begin with, and had an good education. Without the above basic funding, becoming transcended is the last thing one could want. For those living in poverty and with family embarking on an transcendental journey is an luxury they cannot afford. The Fields in Baker farm embodies this fact, for while they wish to live like Thoreau, they cannot afford it with their three children to feed, and in the end did not attempt it. In this way, becoming transcended is a dream that one does not wish to actually realise.

There is also the issue that for transcendentalism to be desirable, there must first be a group of...

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