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Is 3120 Final Paper

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IS3120 |
Final Project |
Designing a Network for NCIF |
Keith |
11/26/2013 |

This document details the network for NCIF outlining the network design, consisting of various standards, classes and IP addressing for subnets. |

NCIF is an industry leading research and development firm consisting of eight (8) regional offices in seven (7) countries, including the United States, Germany, Africa, India, Australia, Brazil, and China, with eleven(11) district or branch offices, consisting of 225,000 employs worldwide. NCIF resides in Hopkinton, MA (USA).
Communicating to the consumer is the key element in a successful business. Due to a fast paced world there are modernized ...view middle of the document...

(Point of Sale System n.d.) This is an effective and efficient way of taking customer orders to ensure the consumers are handled timely, accurately, and professionally. When you provide an ease of doing business customers will return to buy your product again. These are just some of the suggestions in order to update the company to give a better experience to your customer’s.
In order for NCIF to reach out to their customer’s is through marketing. Marketing has come a long way; old techniques and new techniques need to be used in order to grab your customer’s attention. Some of the old techniques I suggest to use are postcards that have eye catching images to pull the consumer in and a follow-up system to keep in touch with prospects and current customers. (Noize n.d.) A new approach I suggest to market to current and prospective customers is a website. People are busy and they don’t have time to pull out a yellow book and look up a company. Consumer’s hop on the internet search engines to locate a company that is designed to fit their needs, therefor, the search engine optimization needs to be taken into consideration. The five elements to ensure you are found on the web are on-site/off-site SEO, up-to-date keyword content, business directory listings, social medial integration, and local maps listings. (5 Key Elements of Local Search Engine Optimization n.d.) This type of optimization can be handled by a company that specializes in type of business or you can do it yourself; however, I suggest you look into a company to handle this for you. Once the consumer has found you on the web, they will go to your website. The website should be interactive, knowledgeable of the products, and consistent with information. Other key elements in a website would be simplicity, ease, and accuracy; this will attract a buyer and keep them interested. (5 Key Elements of Local Search Engine Optimization n.d.)
Once you have things up and running, the next step would be staying connected with your customers. Sending informative newsletters, keeping a blog going, and updating social media sites regularly will keep you in touch with you customers; this will require a dedicated marketing team within the company. Newsletters are a good way to inform, as well as offer incentives to your customers. When you reward your customers they will reward you with a referral. (Noize n.d.) Blogs are another way to get information to your current and prospective customers; this must be kept updated on a regular basis to keep their attention. Social media is a big factor is today’s world; consumers spend a lot of time on social sites. Images, videos, and testimonials should be posted on social sites. Updates and information on your product should be posted regularly; using multiple sources will boost your SEO on the internet. (5 Key Elements of Local Search Engine Optimization n.d.)
All the marketing suggestions that I have given will allow your company to grow, be more...

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