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Iron Curtain Essay

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“From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the continent.” Winston Churchill said this quote in his “Iron Curtain” speech after World War II. The Iron Curtain was a phrase that Winston used to describe the division of Eastern Europe and Western Europe. I am here to inform the audience on the subject of how the iron curtain came to be. This is important because we didn’t have a good relationship with the other countries. For the reasons why the Iron Curtain happened, as long as we don't get along with each other, another Iron Curtain will descend on the world again. The events that had caused the Iron Curtain to form were the ...view middle of the document...

He was a member of the central committee and entered the Soviet cabinet as a commissioner for the people. At the same time, he began to emerge as a leader of the new regime. During the Civil War he played an important administrative role in the capital and on military fronts. He was elected general secretary of the central committee of the party, which enabled him to control the rank-and-file members, therefore building an apparatus loyal to him. Stalin's involvement in the revolutionary movement, and his relationship to Lenin, is a subject of great controversy. He was highly regarded by Lenin as an administrator but not as a leader. Toward the end of Lenin's illness, which began in 1922, Lenin wrote a testament in which he strongly criticized Stalin's conduct as general secretary and recommended that he be removed. However, he died before any action could be taken and the testament was suppressed. On Lenin's death, Stalin competed against Trotsky, who was a strong replacement for Lenin. Stalin prevailed and Russia's communism became became a dictatorship under his rule. This scared the rest of Europe, fearing a revolution similar to Russia's in their own country. They started to condemn communism in order to prevent such uprisings like Stalin condemned democracy. The propaganda from both sides created a black and white opinion that would lead to the iron curtain.
During the age of Imperialism, European powers spread their influence to many third world countries. They controlled the countries politically, economically, and socially. By suppressing the freedoms of the people, many started to rebel. Because European governments were similar to each other, the rebels started condemning the European government and looked toward communism. The story of the Bolshevik Revolution, where the suppressed people overthrew the evil monarchy, appealed to many. When...

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