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Iraq has many problems over the past decade. As today, Iraqi government is trying to develop and enhance their country. The environment of Iraq becomes more polluted every day. Because of the toxic gases which produced by the factories. However, this is just one the problems that Iraq is facing today. Iraq is facing three important challenges or problems which are political, religious, and educational.

Iraq is challenging great political problems. There are many parties in Iraq, and each party is working for its own benefits and advantages. If you watch Iraqi parliament for one time, you will see that they are just want money and high positions. They just agree on constitutions that benefit them, and they don't care about the country. The latest issue was the conflict between Nuri Al-Malki and ...view middle of the document...

There are different types of religions in Iraq; Islam (Sunna), Islam (Shea), Christian, etc. these days, there are a lot of problems between Sunna and Shia. In Baghdad Shea have more power than Sunna, so they Arrest people who are Sunna and punish them or kill them without any reason. Terrorists are taking advantages from this situation by trying to incitation these two sects against each other. They kill people who are Sunna and tell them that they are Shea, and then they kill people who are Shea and tell them that they are Sunna. By this way they are creating problems between them. They do that to start a sectarian war that will destroy our country.

Education in Iraq is collapsing because it is in the wrong hands. The Ministry of Education does not provide the necessary supplies for schools. I was a student in Shoresh school, which is one of the oldest schools in Sulaimaniyah the glasses were broken, the fans were not working, the blackboards were too old, most of the teachers are bad, and there were not enough books for the students. Unfortunately, the school didn’t change until this day, and the Ministry of Education didn’t do anything .The people who control and manage education are just doing things that benefit them and the Ministry of Education can’t catch or stop them. That affects a lot on the students’ future. Last year, some rich and important people bought the baccalaureate exam questions. They got 90% or above without studying anything, and someone like me was reading all the time, and at the end, I got 84,5%, so that made me feel sad and broken.

Iraq is facing many challenges. Good ways to pass these challenges are by working together like one person. Educate our children to create a magnificent generation. Stop distinguishing the people. Finally, use the money that the country gets from exporting oil to neighbor countries to develop our country and make it one of the best countries in the world.

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