Iranian Nuclear Power Concerns Essay

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Concern continues to grow about the developing Iranian nuclear capability. Through a variety of sources, the CIA believes it has access inside a heretofore unknown Iranian nuclear facility, deep underground and with very limited access, even by Iranian officials. The CIA's asset has the capability to disrupt the Iranian operation, either by means of planting a virus in the facility's computer system or by causing a disruption through the planting of a bomb or similar object. (LENGTH 4 - 5 pages doublespaced PLUS citations)

Answer: the nuclear program of Iran was launched in 1950’s in collaboration with the United States of America as part of the Atoms of Peace program. During the ...view middle of the document...

Iran resumed its uranium enrichment plan in 2006. On April,2006 Iranian president made an official announcement about the about uranium enrichment and declared the country as one of those countries which have the nuclear technology.
In May 2006 some members of the Iranian parliament, informed and threatened the UN-secretary general, to withdraw from NPT if the Iran’s right to peaceful use of the Nuclear program was not protected.
The US on the other hand argues that Iran has violated the article Article III and Article II of the NPT. They blamed Iran for the non-compliance with its NPT safeguards agreement for a 1985-2003 policy of concealment. US also argued that Iran’s intentions of developing nuclear weapons or latent nuclear weapons capability is revealed through its efforts to hide the efforts to develop nuclear technology.US also intended to provide information to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) related to the studies conducted on Iranian weapon designs, activities which included the intention of changing the civil nuclear energy plan into the program to manufacture nuclear weapons. The CIA and other intelligence agencies have provided reports related to the Iran’s nuclear plan but they have been proved either inaccurate or have not led to any significant discoveries of nuclear weapons inside Iran. In 2005, Condolezza Rice emphasized on IAEA head that the policies for Iran should be toughened. US have repeatedly threatened Iran with the nuclear first strike. US National Intelligence Estimates in 2007, indicated with a high level of confidence that Iran has halted its nuclear program in 2003 and it remain frozen.
According to the reports of US CIA (2001), it was speculated that Iran had manufactured and stock piled the weapons of mass destruction. It also claimed that during the first half of 2001, Iran imported the production technology, expertise, training, equipment and chemicals from countries like Russia and China. But all such claims proved wrong with the assessment of US Defense Intelligence Agency in 2007. It declared that Iran has a “large and growing commercial chemical industry that could be used to support a chemical agent mobilization capability.”
According to the recent IAEA report ( February 2012) Iran did not grant permission to IAEA to access its Parchin site, where IAEA believes that...

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