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Ipad Security Breach Essay

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iPad’s Security Breach

Determine if hacking into a Web site is ever justifiable, applying your theory to a real-world case in which someone hacked into a system, including the name of the company and details.
Sony Ericsson is the largest mobile phone selling and making company and their website has been hacked. Due to hacking of their website, there were 10 core online user accounts affected. In order to prevent the hacking, all servers were shut down. The senior analyst said that the data stolen by hackers is unlimited and the size is undefined. There was a billion dollar loss due to this hacking as the personal information of Sony Erickson website was displayed on ‘hacker news’ a ...view middle of the document...

Hackers claimed the SQL injection attack stole 53,000 credit card numbers, while the hosting service provider claims it was only 4,113.( ten reasons, 1). These kinds of criminal activities can be controlled only with the interference of the government itself. Every government of the country should set up a separate crime branch for them and make online access a controlled activity.
The information security within an organization should protect the information from any kind of unauthorized access of any kind. There are numerous areas where data needs to be secured safely like governments, military, corporations, financial institutions, hospitals and some private businesses. We can say that Information security is a mindset as it is one of the essential factors for any organization. This is due to the fact that if important information fall into the hands of unknown access, then this kind of breach of security can be disastrous. Information security is required to ensure privacy for an individual, organization, or any other firm.
Create a corporate ethics statement for a computer security firm that would allow or even encourage activities like hacking.
The weakest link in the information system is basically the area from which there is much threat to the information system. It can be found easily that the users are possibly the biggest threat or the weakest link in the information security system. As far as the access to the system and the security of the entire computer network is concerned, sometimes the human or the user can be an easy target to break and hack into the information system. So to avoid this, as an organization we shall engage in hacking to find security breaches that will make organization vulnerable to invasion. (Tenanbaum, P- 220)-
This organization believes in nurturing talents and fuelling growth in an unrestricted, hassle free and independent manner. We are a strong believer of the fact that the root cause of human sufferings and issues leading to drastic consequence is the aspects of restriction and intrusion. We by our thinking of free growth will eliminate such tendencies and also fuel energy and spirits to get rid of the ones who are fuelling this and of course we believe our products will always be humanitarian and conscious enough by actions. We will provide such a platform to our employees who enables them to achieve their optimum growth and peak performance and abilities and simultaneously doing good to the surroundings they live in. we leave the aspect of doing good to society and the possible ways to achieve the same, while being open to use and interpretation. We expect some arguments and controversy about our policies and beliefs but since we expect the same we are prepared for the same and expect that our products out of environment will deliver what we have put forward. We expect our employees to be excellence in their work and interest to become the best breed and the most strongest.
Discuss if it is...

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