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Ip Security Simplified Essay

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IP Security. Simplified!
In recent years, IP surveillance products have really picked up steam and have been widely accepted by the security industry. This could be attributed to lowered costs and eased concerns over their pitfalls.

Although, their rapid adaptation can be attributed to their attractive standardized use of HD quality resolution (1080p or 2MP), their path to complete market domination has been stunted by their ever-demanding storage capacity and bandwidth requirements.

Good news is that this too is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past.

Issue over their storage limitations have been eased by employing a newer, more efficient video compression ...view middle of the document...

The back-end mechanics are of no concern to the end-user. As long as they are able to view live and playback video in high-definition on demand without negatively affecting their existing network infrastructure, they are happy as they can be.

And isn’t that what this is all about? Keeping your customer happy?
The biggest hurdle for any traditional integrator entering the IP video market, is not fully understand the complexities of bandwidth management. Unlike analogue installations, bandwidth is, and should be, your biggest concern.

Something as simple as using the wrong network switch can jeopardize the client’s entire network. And because the issue can be any number of things on an IP-based site (especially, if tied to the customer’s existing network), this makes it nearly impossible for a traditional integrator just getting into IP market to figure out where and what went wrong.

This is where NUVICO’s EasyNet Video Solutions shines. It does not tie into any existing network infrastructure! It is purposely design to stand on its own on its separately managed security network. This makes it not only more efficient but also very reliable and easy to troubleshoot. No bottlenecking of data to slow down the existing network, or worse—crash!
EasyNet Video Solutions products are all true plug-and-play, where the cameras are automatically detected by the NVR, and create its own separately managed security network all on its own. By simply eliminating manual IP assignment, the long and arduous process of setting up the IP addresses for each camera is no more. Imagine all the time you and your crew could be saving with this innovative and intuitive...

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