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Iop 3706 Assignment 1

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Personnel Psychology: Employee Retention


IOP 3706

ASSIGNMENT 01: Unique number 876228









Super’s theory



Holland’s theory



Jung’s theory



Accident theory









Self-related factors



Work-related factors









Technical/functional competence



General managerial competence






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This in other words refers to my personal characteristics (behaviour) developed
through the interaction of my personal variables (needs, values, interests,
intelligence and aptitude) with environmental variables (Community, school, family,
society and labour market).
Related to Super’s theory, my self-concepts developed and changed throughout my
lifespan from birth to the stage of ‘establishment’ ta the age of 36 and/or currently.

Associated with the first three stages of life as explained by Super (Coetzee &
Schreuder, 2010), I can concur with five out of the six life roles, rather than to
distinguish between them, being a student, citizen, worker, and home maker at the
same time at the organisation.

1.2 Holland’s theory
Other than Super’s stages and roles, Holland (1975, 1985) matches six personality
types with six work environments. He matches individuals with a particular
personality type with a suitable occupation:
2.1 Realistic: hand, mechanical, agricultural

Pilot, air traffic controller, engineer.

Investigative: observation, scientific, creative exam
2.2 native

Lawyer, economist, pharmacist

2.3 Artistic: Ambiguous, unsystematic activities

Actor, artist, editor

2.4 Social: Developing and helping other

Fireman, funeral undertaker, nurse

Enterprising: Manipulating other to meet
2.5 organisational goals

Manager, businessman

2.6 Conventional: Systematic handling of records expert

Accountant, auditor, financial

Being a Packhouse manager in the Citrus Industry for the last 18 years, studying
Industrial & Organisational Psychology part time for 6 years, I would most
probably overlap Holland’s Enterprising, Social and Investigative match or an
adjacent type of personality. According to McCormick and Ilgen’s examples, my
code ESI matches my career perfectly

Jung’s theory

Jung believes a psychological type represents a personality pattern. This pattern
is a combination of 2 attitudes and psychological functions, namely extraversion or
externally which is objectively orientated, or introversion, inward- and subjectively
orientated. These two attitudes combined with the following functions summarises
Jung’s theory: sensing, intuition, thinking, feeling
My orientation to work-life would for example be an extraverted sensing type,
being a Manager having to work with 120 permanent and 2800 seasonal



Accident theory

To a certain degree my situation can relate to this theory, arguably my career
choice could be influenced by chance. Chance factors and events such as
inheritance of citrus experience from my family and economic conditions to name
a few are relevant in my career choice.

Being the author of this story and sharing my career by drawing up my own life
plans through hard work and studying instead of just finding optimal fits between
myself and...

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