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Grand Canyon University: Professional Dynamics NURS 430V
April 5, 2014

Since the evolution of nursing, through its modernization by Florence Nightingale, the quest to obtain a higher and more competencies in the practice of nursing is endless. The distinction between the Baccalaureate degree nurse (BSN) and the Associate degree nurse (ADN) is the focus of this paper, using clinical case scenario to explain the clinical expertise, and decisions in educational experience of the BSN and ADN Nurse.
Associate Degree Nursing
The emergence of ADN program started in 1951 by Mildred Montag during the drastic shortage of nurses due to World War II. She proffered ...view middle of the document...

Its curriculum comprises of specific clinical scientific, decision-making, humanistic approaches, patient- teaching, community health preparatory classes, nursing leadership and management. With such equipped educational knowledge, gives today’s BSN degree holders the tool to make quick and often life and death decisions. This comprehensive body of knowledge provides nurses with all that is needed to design and manage patient care, identify patients treatments, signs and symptoms of any disease process, able to organize, manage and care for their staffs, and understand the cultural and financial barriers to their patients.
Many researchers and studies have found the health advantage of individual from well-educated/ qualified nurses. In recent article published in March, 2013 issue of health affairs, shows that because of 10 point increase in the percentage of nurses working as a BSN in hospitals helped reduce the coverage of 2.12 death rate to every 1,000 patients, and for the very critical ill patients with an average of 7.47 per 1,000 patients. Other studies shows the need to produce more BSN nurses as the trend of nursing focuses more on the public needs and quality of nursing care provided to them. The BSN degree nurse has been linked with decreased in mortality rate in hospital, and more provision of care to the community. As the need of BSN increases, then the ratio of staff nurse with BSN and patient increases thereby decreasing the funds or cost of healthcare, and reducing patients stay in the hospital.

Patient Case Scenario
A 52 year old patient with chronic respiratory distress/failure who receives albuterol sulfate 2.5mg/3 ml TID, through nebulizer unit, begins to breathe rapidly after treatment and the heart rate on pulse oximeter reads 162. If the unlicensed assistant personnel, records his/her vital signs will take it to the ADN nurse, who now may repeat her assessment and confirms tachycardia, hurries to administer ordered digoxin. On the same token the BSN nurse, with the same case scenario will not hurriedly give ordered digoxin,...

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