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Iom And Nursing Education Essay

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How the IOM Report will Impact Nursing Education and Nursing Practice.
Lisa Arroyo
Grand Canyon University
Professional Dynamics
Professor Varnell Hudson
August 28, 2013

How the IOM Report will Impact Nursing Education and Nursing Practice.

The focus of the report is to show a need for more education for the graduate level nurse and a continued education plan for nurses already in the field. The IOM cited many reports that touched on the need for diversity amongst nursing graduates to meet the need to function as leaders and the dimensions of health professionals to deliver safe and excellent patient care (Johnson, 2010). The transformation of clinical practice key ...view middle of the document...

Refinement Draft: modules by Authors Final Draft (Barnsteiner, et al., 2012).

For myself already in the nursing field continuing education to achieve my BSN is one way to change my nursing practice. To seek out more advanced skill and certification. If Universities continue to make changes to their curriculum to challenge nurses and advance skill level these opportunities to advance are endless. Being able to collaborate with other health care professionals and or be educated along with physicians to ignite a more cohesive and team approach to patient care and health promotion for the community. I would definitely include that as another goal. As a graduating nurse ADN, I had a basic view of nursing technical skill, as I continue my education I see the complex framework involved in making leaders in the health care team. As the number of BSN degree nurses enters the workforce the competencies will improve in all aspects of nursing. There is going to be higher level of collaboration/communication (Creasia, 2011). This also incorporates Critical Thinking (CT) characteristics:
Involve Conceptualization
Is rational and reasonable
Is reflective
Is partially attitudinal
Is autonomous
Includes creativity
Is Fair
Focuses on what to believe and do (Wilkinson, 2001).

The impact of the IOM report on the nurses role as a leader has been advocated by the ANA, they offer a five part series to enhance personal leadership and change management; developing results-oriented leadership and strategic thinking; and increasing your impact in working effectively with others (The American Nurses Association, 2013). The ease of being able to have this technology...

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