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Io Approach In Baking Essay

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Banking have unique role in the economy. According to Corrigan (1982) they are special because: (1) they provide transaction services and regulate payments system; (2) banks offer backup liquidity to the economy; and (3) they are broadcaster of monetary policy. Due to importance of banking, there are number of theoretical approaches in evaluation of banking system. This could be difficult as operational scale of banks is distinctive. Banks serve role of medium exchange function of money, add value for storage of money. Moreover, banks have different leverage levels in comparison with other industries. For example, 0.5-0.6 is a usual debt-equity ratio for conservative commercial firm. ...view middle of the document...

Banking system takes deposits and supply credits according to government financing condition.
If to introduce T-bills in our model, banks become price takers, as interest on loans and deposits will be given by market. In this case, in order to maximise its profits relationship between volume of loans and deposits will be adjusted in such way where interest margin between risk free rate and loan rate will be equal to marginal cost of providing loans, and marginal cost of servicing deposits will be equal to interest on deposits minus reserve-adjusted risk free rate. So for perfect competitive bank profit maximisation will be at point where difference between interests on loans and deposits will be equal to the sum of marginal costs (deposits and loans).
In the early stages of development banks had monopolistic power in providing loans. So what will happen to our model if we assume that the bank is monopolist? The monopoly bank represents the industry as a whole. Bank will face downward sloping demand for loans and upward sloping demand...

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