Investor Pitch Essay

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Research Proposal
Patricia Martinez and Carrie Rodriguez
STR 581
September 23, 2014
Andres Hinojosa
Research Proposal
Tecko shoes are a new brand of shoes that focus on not only the style and comfort but social responsibility as well. For every Tecko shoe that is bought, Tecko Shoes will donate to a pair of shoes to a child in need. Although there are other companies that have the same intentions on giving back to less advantaged families, Tecko Shoes focuses on children located in the United States only. Tecko Shoes vision is to motivate people to give back to their own communities. Not only does Tecko Shoes give a pair to a child in need, but donates 15% of its profits ...view middle of the document...

Tecko Shoes is not the only company with this idea of giving back to the community. There are other competitors such as Tom’s shoes, Soles4souls, and Cherished Feet that give shoes to people in need. The distinctive difference between Tecko Shoes and these other companies is that Tecko Shoes focuses only on children in the United States. This will be an advantage towards patriotic consumers. Opportunities will grow once word of mouth is set in communities that see a difference in change. Some threats that Tecko Shoes are aware of are the production of the shoes and durability. Weaknesses are that the competition is already active and well known. With knowledge of all Strengths, Opportunities, Threats, and Weaknesses, Tecko Shoes can focus on where the teams need to stay strong and avoid failure.
The internal environmental analysis for Tecko shoes is to conduct an extensive review of the companies strength and weakness. Tecko’s shoes has created a shoe that is eco friendly and it provides the same benefits as other competitors, but at a lower price. Tecko shoes goal is to sell a large assortment of shoes. They are aware of the many challenges connected with managing a supply chain and employees vigorously manages and watch over the suppliers and vendors to make sure that our corporate responsibility standards are uphold. Also, at least once a year the direct suppliers must be certified in all materials integrated into our products and are in agreement with all related laws in the United States. We also clearly identify proper business practices for the employees and hold them accountable for fulfilling Tecko shoes policies Tecko shoes ,managers conduct annual reviews of employees competence, evaluate the depth of their talent and the experience of management presently employed . Tecko shoes have provided proper leadership training, and many benefits that a company can supply to all employees. Their goal...

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