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Investment Analyst Essay

3565 words - 15 pages

Assignment 3: You Are an Investment Analyst

Strayer University

ACC557: Financial Accounting

Prepared for: Dr. Timothy Creel

March 17, 2014

Organizations around the world have a lot of share in the market. These organizations aim to make sure that they work in a manner where they have a competitive advantage within the market they serve. The analysis of this paper will be based on two organizations, Pepsi and Coca Cola. Here, in the present paper, various information will be considered. The information will include company history, products and services, customers and suppliers, leadership, stock prices, the impact of news events on stock prices, and an overall ...view middle of the document...

John S. Pemberton, led him to create a distinctive tasting soft drink that could be sold at soda fountains. Pemberton created a flavored syrup where he had taken it to his neighborhood pharmacy where it was mixed with carbonated water. Those who sampled it deemed it to be excellent. His partner and bookkeeper, Frank Robinson, is credited for naming it Coca-Cola as well as designing the trademarked, distinct script, still used today. The company produces over 613 beverages ranging from carbonated drinks to non-carbonated drinks, sport drinks to water. Coca-Cola’s total asset base is 86.17 billion with 146,200 employees worldwide.
Pepsi products/services
Pepsi has many different types of products to offer to their customers. The products range from carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks, juice and juice drinks, sports drinks, teas, waters, and fountain beverages. Major products of the Pepsi-Cola company are Pepsi-Cola (1898), Diet Pepsi (1964) and Mountain Dew (1948). Other products include potato chips, Quaker foods, snacks, and many other kinds of products. Frito-Lay, Inc. products are Fritos brand corn chips (1932), Lay’s brand potato chips (1938), Cheetos brand cheese flavored snacks (1948), and Ruffles brand potato chips (1958) and Rold Gold brand pretzels (1961).
Refreshment Services, Inc. is a privately-held independent bottler for Pepsi-Cola products. It has 7 distributors across the central and southern parts of the United States. It is the premier distributor for Pepsi and other brands of beverages and snacks. They are committed to providing the highest quality products and services to their customers.
Pepsi also provides vending services to workplaces, apartment buildings, and hotels with 40 or more full-time employees. Vending Solutions takes care of all your vending needs. They install the vending machines, keep them stocked with the soda and beverage products you want, and handle all the service and maintenance. The highest quality vending machines and vending services are provided that your company deserves. Vending services require no start-up fees, no rental fees, and no hassles and are absolutely free. Whether you need a vending machine for one location or vending services for hundreds of locations, a vending management program can be adapted to help meet the needs of individuals.
Coca-Cola Products/Services
Coca-Cola has evolved into having an enormous line of wide ranging products. Their products can be found in over 200 countries around the world. Their portfolio includes over 450 brands and 3,500 different beverages. Coca-Cola‘s main products include Coke, Schweppes, Sprite and Dasani. New beverages have been introduced to the market over the years; as well as purchased other brands and added them to their product line. Some of the more popular beverages are Fanta, PowerAde, Cherry Vanilla, Nestea, and Minute Maid.
Coca-Cola markets these products geographically and toward different segments of the market....

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