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Investigatory Project Essay

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Molecules can be either organic or inorganic. In chemistry terms, organic means a molecule has a carbon backbone, with some hydrogen’s thrown in for good measure. Living creatures are made of various kinds of organic compounds. Inorganic molecules are composed of other elements. They can contain hydrogen or carbon, but if they have both, they are organic. 

An organic compound is any member of a large class of chemical compounds whose molecules contain carbon and hydrogen; therefore, carbides, carbonates, carbon oxides and elementary carbon are not organic. 
An inorganic compound is a chemical compound that is not an organic compound. Inorganic ...view middle of the document...

Observation of Sodium Chloride and Sugar upon Heating

1. Place a pinch of sodium chloride in an evaporating dish.

2. Heat, gently at first and then with a full force of the burner. Observe.

3. Repeat the procedure using a pinch of sugar instead of sodium chloride.

B. Differences in Conductivity

1. Set up the conductivity apparatus.

2. Observe the conductivity of the following substances: sodium chloride solution, chloroform, sucrose solution, alcohol, potassium iodide solution.

C. Differences in Solubility

1. Test the solubility of the following substances in water: NaCl, CaCl2, KBr, Naphthalene, and Benzoic acid.

2. Repeat the test using alcohol instead of water.


Table 3.1: Observation of Sodium Chloride and Sugar upon Heating

|Treatments |Observations |
| |Before |During |After |
| |The color is white |The color is changed |It is crystallized |
|Sodium Chloride |It is in solid form |It started to pop after 4 |The color become very light|
| | |minutes |brown |
| | |After a minutes the sugar is |The color turned into dark |
| |The color is white |melting |brown |
|Sugar |The taste is sweet |During heating, it transform |After heating, it transform|
| | |into liquid form |into solid form |

Table 3.2: Conductivity Results

|Treatments |Observations |
| |Conductive |Non-conductive |
|Sodium chloride | | |
|chloroform | | |
|Sucrose Solution | | |
|Alcohol | | |
|Potassium Iodide Solution | | |

Table 3.3: Solubility Results

|Treatments |Solubility ...

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