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Investigative Research Essay

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During the investigation of this new community, there are multiple sources that should be taken into consideration. We will have to question members of the community to see if they have important information to consider for the investigation. We will also need to speak to the developers to answer any questions we have about the land the community was developed on. There should be documentation available through courts regarding the property that we should be able to access as well. During this investigation, we should attempt to acquire as much information as possible regarding the community and its residents, which may have important information about this situation.
Types of questions I would ask would include, what was this land used for prior to the ...view middle of the document...

What was the property previously used for? Are there any environmental factors that could affect the health of the residents in this community? Was the land used as a land fill or contaminated by anything?
Research on the neighborhood would need to be conducted; previous uses of the land would need to be considered as well. I would research the land developers and court documents pertaining to previous uses of the property. Public records would need to be viewed to see if anything similar to this has happened prior to the construction of the community, complaints about the land developer, or if there have been any previous records for health issues in the community.
Strategies that could be applied to this investigation would consist of evaluating the issue critically for starters. Make sure to use your ego to your advantage. Apply curiosity to the issue to ensure the information you are receiving is accurate. Avoid making assumptions so that you can ensure to critically evaluate the situation and circumstances.
You have to be aware of the assumption that it is the community causing the illnesses. Also, be aware of the assumption that the land developers were aware that the situation even existed. We cannot assume that the problem already existed prior to the community development. Avoid assuming that the members of the community know that there could be a potentially dangerous environment.
Many questions need to be answered before you are able to refine your resolution to the issue or problem. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, certain steps will need to be taken to get this resolved.

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