Investigation Of The Movement Of Pigment Through Cell Membranes

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Investigation of the Movement of Pigment through Cell Membranes


The aim of the investigation is to identify the effect of temperature
of the movement of pigment through cell membrane of beetroot cells.

Prediction and Reasoning

[IMAGE]I predict that the temperature will effect the movement of the
beetroot pigment through the cell membrane. I believe an increase in
temperature would result in an increase in the amount of pigment being
released out of the cell. I base my prediction on the fact that an
increase in temperature would provide the pigment molecules with more
kinetic energy and therefore the rate of diffusion will increase.

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-Heat proof mat- To stop the table form catching fire.

-Tripod- To apply a safe distance between the beaker and Bunsen burner.

-Colorimeter- To show the concentration of the water once the beetroot
pigment has diffused.

-Ten Test Tubes- To hold each different sample.

-Pipette- To fill each test tube with 10ml of distilled water

-White tile- To cut the beetroot on.

-Stop Watch- To time the time intervals.

-Forceps- To remove the beetroot out of the test tubes once the time
is over.

-Scalpel- To help cut the beetroot to the correct size.

-Cuvettes-To hold each example and allow it to be examined in the


Before beginning the experiment safety precaution have to be taken in
order to reduce the chances of an injury. Safety goggles and an apron
must therefore be worn. The apparatus needs to be set up accordingly.
200ml of distilled water needs to be heated to 85ºc. This will be done
using a Bunsen burner. 200ml of distilled water have should be place
in a 250ml beaker which would then be placed on a tripod and gauze and
be heated with a Bunsen burner which is to be placed on a heatproof
mat (see above diagram). While the water is being heated use puppets
and place 10ml of distilled water into each of the ten test tubes and
place them safely in a rack. Label the test tubes 85, 80, 75, 70, 65,
63, 60, 55, 50 and 45. Then use the cork borer to cut out a 5cm
beetroot cylinder place it into the beaker of water at 85ºc and note
the time. With the aid of a stop watch to gain maximum precision
remove it form the beaker with forceps and place it into the test tube
labelled 85ºc and note the time. As the water in the warm beaker
cools, repeat the previous step by placing another fresh piece of 5cm
beetroot cylinder in the beaker as it reaches the correct temperature
labelled on the test tube and record the time. Repeat the step for all
the ten test tubes when the correct temperature is reached. Leave each
beetroot cylinder in its beaker for exactly thirty minutes. Once the
thirty minutes are over shake the test tube and remove the cylinder.
Do this for all ten test tubes and you should end up with ten test
tubes containing water stained pigment from the beetroot. Finally
place each solution into its own corvette and place it into to the
colorimeter and record the readings.



The variables included in this experiment are as follows:

-The temperature of the beaker.

-The amount of beetroot added.

-The duration of time the test tubes are in the warm beaker.

The variable which we chose to look at in more depth was the
temperature of the beaker which would heat surrounding water in the
test tube to where there would be a net movement of pigment. From this
we can determine what the best...

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