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Investigating A Social Issue Essay

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Assignment 2: Investigate a Social Issue
Sherard Mitchell
Professor Gortney
Strayer University
September 10, 13

Social issues we come across them everyday in our every day lives at work, on T.V. and even in Church. However before I get to a particular issue we have to know what a social issues is first. Social issues are political debates involving moral judgments about how people should live. The social issue that interests me is “Racism”. Racism have always been a social problem that has been around throughout different parts of history. Even dating back to biblical times racism has been relevant. My personal definition of Racism would be. The ...view middle of the document...

Assimilation is a process in which a minority becomes absorbed into the dominant society – socially, economically, and culturally Conflict theory is a theoretical framework that sees society as divided by inequality and conflict.  Conflict theorists see society less as a cohesive system and more an arena of conflict and power struggles. Instead of people working together to further the goals of the "social system," people are seen achieving their will at the expense of others.
Discuss what is known and unknown about you particular issue. Well I know one for one Racism exists practically in all countries, but in certain places and situations it is especially common. A couple of the very common reasons for racism to arise are fear or the need for a "scapegoat". When things are going badly many people’s natural reaction is to blame somebody else. This is exactly what often causes racism, if the unemployment is rising or the national economy is very weak, many people will look for a scapegoat to blame, and in most cases they will choose the people that they do not know, such as those with a different ethnical or cultural background. The truth is, racism began as soon as people faced those of different races. We’ve always the fear of change, not to mention the unknown.It seems that is racism has been around...

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