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Inventory Essay

1430 words - 6 pages

Unit 1

Introduction to Humanities

Individual Project
Tenisha Greene

AIU Online

Instructor Marek McKenna, MA

August 25, 2012

Differences and Similarities

Early Greece Early Rome
|The Greeks were responsible for various temples and such sculptures as the Parthenon, the temple at| |The Roman empire built some of the grandest structure amongst all other early civilizations. |
|Hephaestus, and the concert hall Odeon. The three architectural styles the Greeks used to build | |The Romans built aqueducts, the amphitheaters, the coliseum, walls, temples, ...view middle of the document...

The Roman lands were lush |
|meeting centers. The terrain was lush for growing grain, olives, which produced olive oil and | |producing grain, olives for olive oil and grapes for wine in certain areas. They also had |
|grapes that became wine. The Greek culture was able to trade olive oil, wine, and precious metals. | |access to the sea for fishing. |
|They also had access to the sea for fishing. | | |
| | | |
| |Agriculture | |
|The Greek economy was based in agriculture so the land was the civilizations most valued resource. | |In the Roman society, Governors and Senators mad lots of money. The Roman society established|
|The Greek civilization also started to produce pottery, cloth, wine, and metals. For some in the | |different classes, which encompassed slaves, freemen, senators, soldiers, and the royal |
|society trading these goods made them very wealthy and powerful. The Greek government also | |family. The social classes and the boundaries between them were strictly enforced; they even |
|installed a tax system or dues that went into the city-states treasury, which created a wealthy | |dressed differently to tell them apart. In addition, the freedmen worked in the homes of the |
|civilization. In the beginning only the aristocrats and Kings prospered from the wealth of the | |upper class and required the patronage because wealth and prosperity were the routes to |
|resources. They gave money towards huge palaces sculptures, museums, and libraries. | |social advancement within the society. The natural resources were the source of the Roman |
| | |trade and wealth such as grain. The Romans used silver coins as their monetary means. |
| | | |
| ...

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