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Invention Essay

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We live in a society where inventions and new technology are the norm. Our society constantly encourages inventors to create something that could be useful to people that is both creative and imaginative. Not all inventions are created equal, some inventions help people by saving their lives, and other inventions simply make living day to day life more pleasurable. If I were able to choose the next great invention it would definitely have to be an invention that would have a great impact on human life. My father passed away in 2004 at the age of forty eight due to health complications. The sad thing is he had no idea that he was suffering from complications such as hypertension and diabetes because he felt healthy. There are countless individuals who don’t go to the doctor regularly for numerous reasons. I ...view middle of the document...

The impact that the HMRIW. would have on the people in the world would be great because it takes away a lot of the reservations that people have about going to the doctor’s office. Of the reservations people have about visiting the doctor’s office is wasting time. People get so frustrated about having to spend time at a doctor’s office just to find out there is nothing wrong with them. The HMRIW would alleviate that frustration from them because they would be able to see for themselves if there is something wrong with them and then make the decision to visit the doctor based on their results they received from their HMRIW. Another way my invention would help people is by saving them money. As we know visiting the doctor’s office cost money rather you have insurance or not, and in today’s financial climate more people are unemployed meaning more than likely they aren’t insured and would have to pay out of pocket to visit the doctor. While my invention wouldn’t eliminate all doctor cost, it would decrease some of the cost because you wouldn’t have to make a visit to receive a MRI. Also the HMRIW sends the results directly to your doctor’s email so the two of you can be on the same page and work in unison if it’s found that you have some health complications.
While my invention is not some magical device that saves lives instantly it is very important and would be as impactful on the human race as any invention before it because it informs people of knowledge that they wouldn’t have depending upon their financial situation. I could only imagine if my father had this device back when he was still alive, he would’ve known about his failing health and went to the doctor ahead of time not when it was too late after he already had a stroke. This invention may not be able to bring my father back or others that passed like he did but it will help prevent people passing in the future from ignorance of their health.

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