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Roman Empire Why did the Roman Empire fail and not became the example of the perfect empire? As we know, the Roman Empire was one of the most important civilizations of all times. It is compared with the Greek Civilization and the Chinese. It is true that it is very important it gave apportions to the next generations from there the roman languages take origin and contribution of the civil/human rights and jurisdiction. "The benefits of law and policy, of trade and manufactures, of arts and sciences, are more solid and permanent" . But the Roman Empire only last five centuries. It is really a short period of time to be considered as a big empire, but the explanation of the extinction is ...view middle of the document...

" . It was told that the clergy with success preached the doctrines of patience; the society's virtue were discouraged; and the last were in the military; a big amount of people was concecratedto specious demands of charity and the soldiers' pay was lavished on multitudes, who would could only plead the merits of charity. Values like faith, zeal curiosity and with ambition kindled the power of church and state. "Religious precepts are easily obeyed, which indulge and sanctify the natural inclinations of their votaries; but the pure and genuine influence of Christianity may be traced in its beneficial, though imperfect, effects on the Barbarian proselytes of the North." The barbarian attacks alongthe heavy hand of the government like for example in fourth century taxes increased and the government grew more and more authoritative, they were less and less loyal and trusting of the government, also by the causes of the civil war. In those days they had to pay for weapons, armor and also for food for the soldiers also that they seized grain and other properties from citizens. The emperor was limited to indicate how much each province had to pay, and then the governor had to pay the quantity required for the emperor. When a city was rich, the governor was limited to distribute the taxes among people, but if the neighbors can't pay, the members of the government had to pay that,they were responsible to collect it. That's how were decaying the owners that's why they started to leave their properties, and with that leaving alone provinces so the Barbarians were attracted by the idea of this deserted provinces. "Population loss meant fewer soldiers for the army, fewer taxpayers for the government, and fewer farmers to feed Rome's people" As Rome had grown over the years, their people became more comfortable and civilized, fat and happy, which made them somewhat less interested in military concerns. "The Romans were ignorant of the extent of their danger, and the number of their enemies. Beyond the Rhine and Danube, the northern countries of Europe and Asia were filled with innumerable tribes of hunters and shepherds, poor, voracious, and turbulent;bold in arms, and impatient to ravish the fruits of industry. The Barbarian world was agitated by the rapid impulse of war." The Barbarians were warriors and they wanted to have all those territories, the territories were given because they inspired terror and the Romans didn't want trouble and also they entered to be part of the roman service as allies, but thevacant space was instantly replenished by new assailants. This arrived of the barbarians was named Barbarian Invasion and later the Germanic invasion. This fact produced a catastrophe making the Germanics to arrive with a great army from 376 A.D. to 568 B.C. "As years go by, it was impossible to contain the barbarians. In 376 B.C many Germanic tribes were followed by others, all arrived by the Danube" (146). So the invasion lasted only two centuries,...

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