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Introduction To Research & Information Utilization/Res 110

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Chiropractic Therapy
Introduction to Research & Information Utilization/Res 110
May 21, 2010

Chiropractic Therapy
Does chiropractic therapy help prevent back surgery? Chiropractic patients have noticed improvement in their lower back pain, which help the likelihood of back surgery. Patients have sought help to Chiropractors and Medical Doctors to help reduce surgery. Chiropractors have been more successful than medical doctors on achieving no surgery needed.
How does Chiropractic therapy work? “Chiropractic works by restoring your own natural-given ability to be healthy. By restoring spinal function with Chiropractic adjustments, nerve interference by misaligned vertebrae is ...view middle of the document...

Also available in the office is a Podiatrist who will examine patients’ feet and the way they walk to see if there are any abnormalities. For example, if the patient is flat footed, this increases the likelihood of patient to have lower back pain. When walking with flat feet it increases pressure on legs that causes the pain to rise up to the lower back. The Podiatrist will then cast patients’ foot for orthotics that is a shoe insole to help create an arch on the bottom of the foot to reduce lower back pain.
All therapy is performed on patients in a period of several weeks and pain management result reduces the chance of the patient needing lower back surgery. Pain management consists of epidural injections. “An epidural injection places anti-inflammatory medicine into the epidural space to decrease inflammation of the nerve roots” (Manchikanti, 2003, para1). Immediately after the epidural procedure, the chiropractor will then adjust the patient whereas he or she is still under anesthesia. The body will adjust better because their is less resistance by the patient. Patients with chronic back pain will go through a series of three injections total, two weeks apart.
(Mota, V, 2010, May 21, Interview with Dr. Harry Wurmsdobler, Doctor of Chiropractic more than 20 years, Sports Chiropractic Center) According to Dr. Harry Wurmsdobler, “I have been a Chiropractic Doctor for over 20 years, I have learned about a lot of different types of therapies to relieve back pain and reduce back surgery. I have treated many patients with chronic lower back pain that once were told surgery would be their only hope for back pain relief. I have also treated patients that have undergone back surgery with unsuccessful results. In addition, I also have treated several patients who did undergo surgery and have experience more amount of pain before getting lower back surgery. My advice is to seek a licensed chiropractor and do your research before committing to lower back surgery” (Wurmsdobler, 2010).
On the other hand, medical doctors do not perform the types of therapies a chiropractor does to reduce lower back pain. Medical doctors examine their patients and prescribe medication. The downside of this is that many patients dislike taking medications because they do not want to become addicted on...

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