Introduction To Public Finance Essay

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Mr. E. U. Abianga
Koleade Oshisami (1992) quoted in Ola and Offiong
(2008). Government Accounting and Financial Control
Ibadan, Nigeria: Spectrum Books Limited, p. 55.
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Government Agencies Managing and Controlling the
Finances of the Federation
The following though not exhaustive can be listed as Publi
c Financial
Control Authorities in Nigeria:
The Constitution
The Constitution serves as the foremost control authority on financial
matters just like and other matter of national interest. In it, is embedded
all rules through which the country is govern
ed. For example, it
provides for the custody of all revenues or other moneys raised or
received by the federation and the conditions and manners for their
The African Development Bank was established under the auspices of
Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) in 1966
Functions as express in the statute establishing
ADB are t
Use the resources at its disposal for financing of investment
projects relating to the economic and social development of its
Undertake and participate in the selection, study and preparation
of projects enterprises and activities con
tributing to such
Mobilise both within Africa and outside Africa, resources for the
financing of such investment programme.
Promote investment in Africa of public and private capital in
projects or programme.
Provide such technical assistance
as may be needed in Africa for
the study, preparation, financing and execution of development
project or programme.
Undertake such other activities and provide such other activities
as may advance its purpose.
Sources of Finances
The bank’s ordinary sh
are capital comes from the...

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