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Introduction To Philosophy: Beliefs And Truth For A Person

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I. Introduction
A. The study of philosophy is the pursuit of wisdom and the love for wisdom.
B. Might be achieved through the things written below.
C. Beliefs one person has can influence beliefs of many through words- philosophy breaches greater understanding of unknown.
II. Truth
A. What a person has always known. In childhood is when our personal truths take place. Some people think truth is only what they see/slash know. Some-take word of professionals/scientists as truth. Some- own imagination is truth.
B. Objective and subjective truths- subjective more common and a person can’t have knowledge unless they believe in their truth but that doesn’t mean it is true and you can know something that is false but if you think you know something, you think it is true.
1. John Locke- ...view middle of the document...

Things exist continually.
III. Reality
A. A person shapes their own reality or someone else shapes a reality for them. Therefore, a person can never know what is real
B. From a young age, people are impressible. Whatever they are presented with will become real for them.
1. Plato’s Cave- if a person only ever knows one thing and one life, then that will be what they believe is real because there will be nothing else for them to believe.
2. If a person is imprisoned in a cave, such as they were in Plato’s story- ssaw shadows on wall, heard noise from above them- would think that it was reality even if one prisoner saw different reality others wouldn’t believe him.
3. F.H. Bradley- judgements conditional, nothing real. Can say A is B but then everything B would have to be A. Reality is just a model world people have in their heads because no one knows world completely.
4. There are multiple hypothetical worlds-all the ‘ifs’. An external reality- idea/abstraction. "Every possible idea therefore may be said to be used existentially, for every possible idea qualifies and is true of a real world. And the number of real worlds, in a word, is indefinite. Every idea therefore in a sense is true, and is true of reality. The question with every idea is how far and in what sense is it true. The question is always whether, qualifying reality in one sense, the idea qualifies reality in another sense also. For, true in one world, an idea may be false in another world..." – F.H. Bradley
IV. Aesthetics
A. Study of beauty/art- what gives it value? Who gives it value? What makes it art/beautiful?
B. Value of a piece of art determined by the person who loves it and the artist- only has as much values as it is given
Lawerence Weschler- Art can take on the value of money. J.S.G. Boggs money art The art is placed at the value of the money it represents by Boggs- some ta

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