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Introduction To Management Essay

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What is management? How can it be useful in any context?

Introduction to Management

Divyansh Narang
Term 0
21 July, 2014

Management is the process that plans, drives, controls and oversees all activities to achieve desired results while maximizing effectiveness and efficiency. Management is inherent in every phase of day to day life. It is important, useful and omnipresent.
Every activity that an individual or an organization does, it does to achieve some objective. Management is the process that makes sure that the activities of the individual or the organization proceed in the direction of achieving that objective. It is a function that controls and drives ...view middle of the document...

Therefore it is essential, that these resources must be arranged and available when required. The function of management that deals with resource procurement and arrangement is organizing.
It also makes sure, that the resources and activities are properly arranged and organized, so that their monitoring is possible.
Motivation is a key factor for activity to succeed. Unless motivated, any individual cannot produce desirable results with the desirable efficiency. Without motivation, work seems laboured, and the individual loses focus. The role of management here is to keep the individual(s) motivated.
The management leads the individual or organization, boosting their morale and motivation, which in turn increases the productivity of the organization or the individual.

Every activity needs to be carefully and closely monitored. Control is needed, as to put the activity back on track, when the activity diverts from its intended path.
This role of management deals with, comparing the progress of various activities with the predefined plan, and with predefined standards, if any. This verifies that the activity is in accordance with the plan, and what corrective measures need to be taken if it is not.
This also deals with the setting of standards, and the alteration of the individuals or organizations plans.

Management in day to day life
Time management
We all have limited time, and a lot of things that need to be done. Management of time is required, so that the desired tasks are achieved in the limited resource ie time. Time Management is how we plan and control the time allocated to various activities, ensuring that all activities are completed within time, increasing the efficiency and the effectiveness. This includes planning that all activities are given the time they require and controlling that no activity takes more time than that was allocated to it.
Management in Sports
Sports teams have a number of resources. In the case of a professional football club, these resources include the training grounds, the stadium, and most importantly the human resources, ie the players.
Management of the team includes, achieving the most productivity of the players, and the team as a unit, to achieve a desired target of winning the maximum number of competitions in a season.
This may include, planning the team for various matches, deciding which combination of players would work best in a particular scenario, resting important players, motivating players after losing a match.
Management of Health
In today’s age, with hard working conditions, there is an increased need for managing one’s health to protect against the various...

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