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Introduction To Logic Essay

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Predicate Logic

All men are mortal.
Socrates is a man.
··· Socrates is mortal.
Note: We need logic laws that work for statements involving quantities like “some” and “all”.
In English, the predicate is the part of the sentence that tells you
something about the subject.


More on predicates
Example: Nate is a student at UT.
What is the subject? What is the predicate?
Example: We can form two different predicates.
Let P(x) be “x is a student at UT”.
Let Q(x, y) be “x is a student at y”.
Definition: A predicate is a property that a variable or a finite
collection of variables can have. A predicate becomes a proposition
when specific values are assigned to the variables. P(x1, x2, ..., ...view middle of the document...

Ways to read ∀xP (x):
For every x, P(x)
For every x, P(x) is true
For all x, P(x)


More on the universal quantifier
Definition: A counterexample for ∀xP (x) is any t ∈ U , where
U is the universe, such that P(t) is false.
Some Examples
Example: P(x, y): x + y = 8
Assign x to be 1, and y to be 7. We get proposition P(1, 7) which is
Proposition P(2, 5) is false since 2 + 5 = 8.
Example: ∀x[x ≥ 0]
U = N (non-negative integers)
We could re-write this proposition as: ∀x ∈ N, x ≥ 0
Is the proposition true?
What if the universe is R?
Example: ∀x∀y[x + y > x]
Is this proposition true if:
1. If U = N?
2. If U = R?
Example: ∀x∀y[x > y]
True if:
universe for x = the non-negative integers
universe for y = the non-positive integers


The Existential Quantifier: ∃
Definition: The symbol ∃ is call the existential quantifier and
represents the phrase “there exists” or “for some”. The existential
quantification of P(x) is the statement “P(x) for some values x in
the universe”, or equivalently, “There exists a value for x such that
P(x) is true”, which is written ∃xP (x).
Note: If P(x) is true for at least one element in the domain, then
∃xP (x) is true. Otherwise it is false.
Note: Let P(x) be a predicate and c ∈ U (U = domain).
The following implications are true:
∀xP (x) → P (c)
P (c) → ∃xP (x)
Example: ∃x [x is prime] where U = Z
Is this proposition true or false?
Example: ∃x[x2 < 0] where U = R
True or false?
Exercises: True or false? Prove your answer.
1. ∃n[n2 = n] where U = Z.
2. ∃n[n2 = n] where U = {4, 5, 6, 7}.


Translating Quantified Statements
Translate the following into English.
1. ∀x[x2 ≥ 0] where U = R.
2. ∃t[(t > 3) ∧ (t3 > 27)] where U = R.
3. ∀x[(2|x) ∨ (2 |x)] where U = N
Translate the following into logic statements.
1. There is an integer whose square is twice itself.
2. No school buses are purple.
3. If a real number is even, then its square is even.
Note: Let U = {1, 2, 3}.
Proposition ∀xP (x) is equivalent to P (1) ∧ P (2) ∧ P (3).
Proposition ∃xP (x) is equivalent to P (1) ∨ P (2) ∨ P (3).


Bound and Free Variables
Definition: All variables in a predicate must be bound to turn a
predicate into a proposition. We bind a variable by assigning it a
value or quantifying it. Variables which are not bound are free.
Note: If we bind one variable in a predicate P (x, y, z) with 3
variables, say by setting z = 4, we get a predicate with 2 variables:
P (x, y, 4).
Example: Let U = N.
P (x, y, z) : x + y = z ← 3 free variables
Let Q(y, z) = P (2, y, z) : 2 + y = z ← 2 free variables


Examples with Quantifiers
Example: U = Z
N(x): x is a non-negative integer
E(x): x is even
O(x): x is odd
P(x): x is prime
Translate into logical notation.
1. There exists an even integer.
2. Every integer is even or odd.
3. All prime integers are non-negative.
4. The only even prime is 2.
5. Not all integers are odd.
6. Not all primes are odd.
7. If an integer is not odd, then it is even.


Examples with Nested Quantifiers
Note about nested...

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