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Introduction To Information Security Student Essay

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IT414 - Principles of Information Security
Sherwin R. Pineda

Introduction to Information Security

Do not figure on opponents not attacking; worry about your own lack of preparation.

Learning Outcomes
嗗Define information security 嗗Recount the history of computer security, and explain how it evolved into information security 嗗Define key terms and critical concepts of information security

嗗The History of Information Security –The 1960 –The 1970 to 80 –The 1990 –2000 to present

The History of Information Security
The need for computer security — that is, the need to secure physical locations, hardware, and software from threats arose during World War II when the ...view middle of the document...

The 1960's During the Cold War, many more mainframes were brought online to accomplish more complex and sophisticated tasks. It became necessary to enable these mainframes to communicate via a less cumbersome process than mailing magnetic tapes between computer centers. In response to this need

The 1960's
The Department of Defenses Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA) began examining the feasibility of a redundant, networked communications systemto support the military's exchange of information. Larry Roberts, known as the founder of the Internet, developed the project — which was called ARPANET — from its inception. ARPANET is the predecessor to the Internet .

The 1970's-80's
Date 1968 Documents Maurice Wilkes discusses password security in Time-Sharing Computer Systems. Schell, Downey, and Popek examine the need for additional security in military systems in Preliminary Notes on the Design of Secure Military Computer Systems.” The Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) examines Digital Encryption Standard (DES) in the Federal Register.



The 1970's-80's
Date Documents Morris and Thompson author “Password Security: A Case History,” published in the communications of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). The paper examines the history of a design for a password security scheme on a remotely accessed, time-sharing system. Dennis Ritchie publishes “On the Security of UNIX” and “Protection of Data File Contents,” discussing secure user IDs and secure group IDs, and the problems inherent in the systems.



The 1970's-80's
Date Documents
Grampp and Morris write “UNIX Operating System Security.” In this report, the authors examine four“important handles to computer security”: physical control of premises and computer facilities,management commitment to security objectives, education of employees, and administrativeprocedures aimed at increased security. Reeds and Weinberger publish “File Security and the UNIX System Crypt Command.” Their premise was: “No technique can be secure against wiretapping or its equivalent on the computer. Therefore no technique can be secure against the systems administrator or other privileged users ... the naive user has no chance.”



The 1990s
At the close of the twentieth century, networks of computers became more common, as did the need to connect these networks to each other. This gave rise to the Internet, the first global network of networks. The Internet was made available to the general public in the 1990s, having previously been the domain of government, academia, and dedicated industry professionals.

The 1990s
The Internet brought connectivity to virtually all computers that could reach a phone line or an Internet-connected local area network (LAN). After the Internet was commercialized, the technology became pervasive, reaching almost every corner of the globe with an expanding array of uses.

2000 to present

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