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Introduction To Essay

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Advice on Writing an Introduction –
Your essay on the text should always include an introduction. In the introduction you indicate what is to be the central focus of your essay on a given text. This may be done in several different ways:

A. You may choose to define your focus right away in a very direct manner.
"Miranda" tells the story of how the love of a young girl is destroyed when it collides with the cynical, pragmatic world of the adults. The story is an initiation story in which the young main character goes through a development which, in this case, involves disillusionment and loss of innocence as her sincere love is destroyed.

B. You may want to start in a more indirect fashion. ...view middle of the document...

C. You may prefer to start with a more general description of the main idea/problem and then move on to the specific treatment of this theme in the text in question.
"Growing up and entering the world of adulthood, though a natural development, may turn out to be a very difficult and painful process which leaves you with a terrible feeling of desertion and disillusionment. What the main character in the story "Miranda" experiences is precisely such a painful awakening."

D. Sometimes it may be effective to start with a rhetorical question which highlights the central theme of the text and attracts the reader’s attention.
"What do you do if you are an 18-year-old pregnant girl looking forward to marriage and motherhood, confident that your love will see you through the hard times ahead and then you discover that the people you love and trust the most are bent on destroying this love? This is the situation that the main character in the story "Miranda" is faced with."

E. Perhaps you want to engage the reader by "painting" the situation vividly.
"18 years old, your whole life in front of you and then suddenly it happens, you become pregnant. Everything is different, you will have to leave your childish ways behind and start acting like an adult and make the right decisions. Nothing is as it used to be. This is what Miranda in the story "Miranda" experiences after making love for the first time. She wanted it to be special, and so it turned out to be."
- Edited by Anna le Ker from Kirsten Fischer’s homepage

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