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Introduction To Computer Essay

553 words - 3 pages


Chapter 1 – Working Together

Computers are everywhere. Watching television, driving a car, using a charge card, ordering fast food, and the more obvious activity of typing a term paper on a personal computer, all involve interaction with computers. For one day, have each member of your team make a list of every computer he or she encounters (be careful not to limit yourselves just to the computers you see). Meet with the members of your team and combine your lists. Consider how each computer is used. How were the tasks the computers perform done before computers? Use PowerPoint to create a group presentation and share your findings with the class.

Chapter 2 – Working Together

This chapter lists 12 types of Web sites: portal, news, informational, business/marketing, educational, entertainment, ...view middle of the document...

Chapter 3 – Working Together

In any software application, each program is not exactly the same. Different spreadsheet programs, for example, may have different methods to enter formulas, use functions, and draw charts. Have each member of your team interview someone who works with an application described in this chapter. What specific program is used? Why? For what purpose is the program used? What does the interviewee like, or dislike, about the program? Would the interviewee recommend this program? Why? Meet with the members of your team to discuss the results of your interviews. Then, use PowerPoint to create a group presentation and share your findings with the class.

 Choose a topic (one and only one) from the above exercises – Working Together, extracted from Chapters 1-3, Discovering Computers: Fundamentals, 4/e, by Shelly, Cashman and Vermaat
 Work in a group of 3 ~ 4 persons.
 Follow the instructions and work on the topic accordingly. Submit a report on your findings in Word format and create a group presentation(in PowerPoint format) of approximate 10 minutes to share your findings with your class mates.
 Report:
 Length: 4 to 5 pages(in Word format) excluding the cover page and table of contents (if exists, but strongly recommended)
 Sectionalize your report with proper numberings for easy reading.
 Font size can either be 11 or 12 (no larger than 12 nor less than 11 that are hardly to read)
 Line spacing must be 1.5 and have proper spacing between paragraphs
 All paragraphs must be indented and fully justified (i.e. both left and right justified)
 You are strongly advised to add pictures or diagrams to enhance the readabilities and the contents of both your report and PowerPoint presentation.
 The marks distribution will be 60% for report, 40% for PowerPoint presentation.
 All group members MUST do the presentation.
 The presentation will be held in Week 9(2-7 November).

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