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Introduction To Advertising Essay

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Introduction to Advertising

1. Use examples of recent advertisements to explain the role and functions of advertising.

What is Advertising? It is a monetary and non-monetary form of persuading the audience through communication that uses:
“Non-personal mass media – as well as other forms of interactive communication – to reach mass audiences to connect an identified sponsor with a target audience”
(Wells, Moriarty, and Burnett)

If firms want to gain and increase sales and profits, they will have to be communicated to the customers. A total marketing communication program is called “promotion mix”. One of its key ...view middle of the document...

They are to;
* Inform
* Persuade
* Sell
Advertising simply aims to provide the public with detailed form of information. In various cases it has a neutral content, such as public announcements or some form of private or governmental advertising.
To inform, if a firm or manufacturer is introducing a new product, there will be an important need to inform customers about the new product/service. This could be by simple announcements or provide benefits or information details of the product and how it differs from alternative product offering.
When it comes to extending the appeal of an existing product, business may attempt to use advertising to suggest new uses of the product. For example, in response to customer feed backs. The business may wish to inform the market of price changes to its products.
Sometimes it becomes necessary for business to provide some form of information explaining their product works. For example, Samsung Galaxy S3 advert shows information in its adverts of its new features and what they can do.
To persuade, business may advertise the same products again because of change to it. Business might want to advertise the new features to the already existing product or improvements made to it. For example Apple Inc. brought us the iPhone 4 and a year later it brought us the iPhone 4S. It had already advertised about the IPhone 4 but with the new one it Apple brought us new features and better improvements the popular ones being the Seri App and the improved camera.
To sell, advertising is promotion. Advertising seeks to promote the sale of certain goods and services, to obtain this, advertising shows the potential or existing audience base with information about the products and services. In many cases this type of advertising seeks to boost existing attitudes by explaining how the product is appropriate to the potential customer’s existing needs or lifestyle.
Another way of this type of advertising is promotional in nature. The promotion will attempt to convince the customer to purchase the product straight away. It creates a sense of urgency. Especially with the case of sales advertising the audience is notified of the date on the sale and reminded that there is a limited offer only on the bargain product or service.
A key role of advertising is creating, composing and sustaining a Brand preferences and Brand switching. This is the most popular form undertaken by advertising campaigns.The roles of advertising have customarily been a path/ aid to sales. This is by;
* Creating Awareness
* Providing Essential Information
* Helping to build a relevant brand image
* Acting as a regular reminder to try, buy and use the brand.
(Tony Yeshinn – Advertising)

The reasoning behind advertising is to alter the way audiences previse and relate to the product or service advertised. Depending on...

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