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Intro To Psychology Paper

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While there are many behaviors in my life that I am not particularly thrilled with, there was one I want to change right now. So I decided to chose it for this paper. The behavior I want to change is biting my nails

There are lots of reasons to stop biting my nails, but even knowing these reasons to stop it can be hard. Some of the main reasons I want to change are because my hands will look a lot better if I do not have jagged, short, obviously bitten nails. Biting nails can be painful too. Imagine that feeling when you pull a hangnail, except it is all across your nail. It sucks, especially when the nail is already short. After I graduate from Grand Canyon I plan to ...view middle of the document...

Now that I have chosen a habit and listed some reasons to change, I need to look at what some of the triggers might be. I spent a lot of time thinking about what these could be and the ones I came up with were mostly along the same lines.
I tend to chew my nails when I find myself in stressful situations. Math has always been a stressful subject for me and I find that when I have been doing math homework for a while I start biting my nails. Another trigger and probably the biggest for me would be when I get nervous or anxious. The first time I met my girlfriends dad I was so nervous that on the drive to his house I proceeded to bite almost all my nails, which was awful because then I felt self conscious.

Ok, so now I have the habit, the reasons to stop, as well as, the triggers. Now I need a way to get myself to stop biting my nails.

I plan to use money as a reinforcer. Every week I can go without biting my nails I will allow myself fifteen dollars to spend on totally superfluous items, whether it is a night out with friends, a new shirt. This will be Positive Reinforcer, because I will be rewarding the behavior of not biting my nails. I also need a Punishment, for this each time I bite my nails I will subtract a two dollar from the amount at the end of the week. So if bite my nails twice I will only be able to use eleven dollars that week.
As far as the scheduling goes I will use the Continuous Reinforcement Schedule. I will have the reinforcement on a fixed continual schedule. I will try this for one month, this should be plenty of time for me to break this nasty habit.

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