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Intro To Comuter Security 3 Essay

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Chapter 3 questions
1. Laws are rules that mandate or prohibit certain behavior. Ethics define socially acceptable behaviors.
2. Civil law comprises a wide variety of laws that govern a nation or state and deal with the relationships and conflicts between organizational entities and people.
3. Criminal, administrative, and constitutional law.
4. National information infrastructure protection act of 1996, modified several sections of the pervious act and increased the penalties for selected crimes.
5. Security and freedom through encryption act of 1997.
6. In this context is ...view middle of the document...

9. Provides law enforcement agencies with broader latitude in order to combat terrorism-related activities.
10. No electronic theft act
11. IP is the ideas of controls over the tangible or virtual representation of those ideas. It is afforded the same protection in al the countries. The US and Europe contributed The Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
12. Enforces accountability for executives at publicly traded companies.
13. When a organization makes sure that ever employee knows what is acceptable or unacceptable behaviorand knows the consequences of illegal or unethical actions.
14. Due diligence requires that an organization make a valid effort to protect others a nd continually maintains this level. Due care are just the standards.
15. Policy is guidelines that describe acceptable and unacceptable employee behaviors in the workplace. The difference between policy and law is that ignorance of a policy is an acceptable defense.
16. Software license infringement, illicit use, and misuse of corporation resources
17. Education and training, and technology to protect information and systems.
18. The Association of Computing Machinery was established in 1947
19. Information Systems Audit and Control Association
20. Fear of penalty, probability of being caught, and probability of penalty of being administered

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