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Intro Problem Solving L04 Essay

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Army Decision Making The Seven Problem Solving Steps The Leader’s Role

A good leader must sometimes be stubborn. Armed with the courage of his convictions, he must often fight to defend them. When he has come to a decision after thorough analysis—and when he is sure he is right— he must stick to it even to the point of stubbornness.
General of the Army Omar Bradley Tactics and Techniques Track

Introduction to Problem Solving



As an Army leader, you will be involved in problem solving daily. Some problems are simple and only require you to use your intuition, experience, and best ...view middle of the document...

From Evergreen Cemetery atop 100-foot-high Cemetery Hill the terrain sloped southward and downward forming Cemetery Ridge—the mile-and-a-half shank of the fishhook— to reach almost ground level. At this point, rising up abruptly to form the fishhook’s eye, were the other two anomalies, Little Round Top and the taller Round Top. Militarily speaking, in addition to its road network, Gettysburg offered the sort of high ground much sought after by generals. Just then the one Union general who knew the most about Gettysburg— and also knew the most about the Confederates’ immediate proximity to Gettysburg—was [BG] John Buford. As such, Buford was the only general in either Army to be certain beyond any doubt that the next day, Wednesday, July 1, 1863, was going to bring fighting down upon Gettysburg. Ever since he and his troopers rode into the town late on the morning of June 30, cavalryman Buford had been carefully reconnoitering the nearby terrain and pondering the reports of his scouts. It became evident that [Confederate LTG] A. P. Hill’s corps was on his immediate front to the west, at Cashtown, and that perhaps [Confederate LTG Richard] Ewell’s corps




Figure 5.1

Battle of Gettysburg

was not too distant to the north. As yet Buford had precious little guidance from headquarters. At day’s end on June 30 his operative orders were still those from [Union] cavalry chief [MG Alfred] Pleasonton, on the 29th, to “cover and protect the front” at Gettysburg. John Buford was a hard man and a hard fighter, and with Pleasonton’s instructions in mind he determined not to give up the town without a fight. At the least, he could promise a vigorous delaying action by his horse Soldiers. At the most, should [MG John] Reynolds or [MG George] Meade choose to support him with infantry, there was the promise of a battle. General Buford’s experienced Soldier’s eye told him if it came to that, Gettysburg would not be a bad place to make a fight. Stephen W. Sears, Gettysburg

Introduction to Problem Solving



Army Decision Making
A problem is an existing condition or situation in which what you want to happen is different from what actually is happening. Problem solving begins with decision making— the process through which you select a line of action you believe will most likely lead to successfully completing your mission. Decision making involves sound judgment, logical reasoning, and wise use of the resources available to you. Most Army leaders use one of two decision making processes. Lieutenants and others at the company level and below use the troop leading procedures (TLP), which you will learn about in the next section. Leaders at higher levels use the military decision making process (MDMP), which you will study later in your ROTC career.
an existing condition or situation that presents perplexity or difficulty

decision making
a process through which you select a line of action you believe will most...

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