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Into The Wild Essay

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Wenjie Hu,
TJ Puckett,
English 102,
A Pilgrims of Ultimate Freedom
Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer is the true story of Chris Johnson McCandless, a young man who is found dead in the Alaska wilderness, McCandless raised in a wealthy family from Virginia, and he is born talented and smart, who from an early age shows deep intensity, passion, and a strict moral behavior. After graduating from high school, McCandless spent the summer alone on a road trip, during which he discovered his father secretly had a second family. McCandless returns home and starts as a freshman in college, but his anger over this betrayal and his parents’ keeping this secret away ...view middle of the document...

Krakauer conclude that Chris McCandless wasn’t a nutcase nor a outcast. “It is hardly unusual for a young man to be drawn to a pursuit considered reckless by his elders; engaging in risky behavior is a rite of passage in our culture no less than in most others. Danger has always held a certain allure. That, in large part, is why so many teenagers drive too fast and drink too much and take too many drugs, why it has always been so easy for nations to recruit young men to go to war. It can be argued that youthful derring-do is in fact evolutionarily adaptive, a behavior encoded in our genes. McCandless, in his fashion, merely took risk-taking to its logical extreme.” (Krakauer, 182) This quote underscores that McCandless’s behavior is not completely unusual. Even though he lives in a way that few others would do, and particularly not too many grown up kids have the opportunities like he does, such as well educated, talented, independent,etc. The father-son relationship is what driven behind his behavior to unusual. Chris always looks up to his father, Walt as his ideal role model; and all the sudden this image collapse, and turned Chris into an anti-material and wilderness living person. Considering if Chris had made his way out Alaska alive, he would of look upon with admiration, and consider a person who had accomplished something impossible. But cause he death, many people have uglified him, and have seen in his derring as arrogance and stubborn. Furthermore, his actions are consider as selfish, and rash.
Furthermore, MacCandless also not a sociopath, “It was ... The more they (Gallien & MacCandless) talked, the less Alex struck Gallien as a nutcase. He was congenial and seems well educated. He peppered Gallien with thoughtful questions about the kind of small game that live in the country, the kind of berries he could eat- ‘at kind of thing.’ ” (Krakauer, 5) It`s not hard to find that Chris is well educated, and passionated about his Alaska trip. Not like he is not fit in to the society, it is more likely to say Chris is not interested into communication with anyone else he met, except a few that he feels the connection with.
However, I agreed that McCandless is a Pilgrim. In the book, Jon...

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