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Interview With A Person From A Different Culture

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This paper will be written in an effort to evaluate the cultural identity of my sister-in-law, which she is of Hispanic ethnicity. This will be an interview, which I will identify the social expectations and values and norms within her society as she was growing up. I will also identify her view of the world shaped by the social movements and educational as well as occupational opportunities which were available to her.

Self-Assessment of Hispanic Ethnicity
Being culturally responsible means being able to identify bias in yourself and others and being sensitive to systems that contribute to the positive and negative reinforcement of ...view middle of the document...

When you were a teenager, what were the norms, values, and gender roles supported within you family, by your peers, in your culture, and in the dominant culture?
Everything you go through as you are growing up is shared with some member of the family. Children grow up hanging out with their brothers, sisters, and cousins as friends. “There is no need to go out by yourself and leave the younger ones at home as if they are a burden. Of course there are the times when you spend alone, but most of the time you spend it enjoying company of your family. The love and treasuring that takes place in the Hispanic family I have never seen in any other family setting. The way in which your mother and father relate to you is different also. There is a respect that is demanded from children towards their elders. Your parents care for you, provide for you and protect you. Growing up you know that nothing is more important in their lives than you. No matter how busy the parents are, there is always time for the children. No matter what happens in life, one thing most children of Hispanic families grow up with, it is the essential knowledge that your parents and all the other adults in the family as well have always put you first. In return for this type of acceptance and love, an individual who grows up in this type of family always feels the reciprocal toward their parents as well as other children in the family. I do not know of too many Hispanic families where the children feel animosity towards their younger siblings. Even when a new baby is brought into the family, the older children are very much a part of the family every step of the way.”
How was your view of the world shaped by the social movements of your teenage years?
“Many are the times that I see children in other families with the "mine" disease as I like to call it. Boundaries for this that and the other thing permeate the non-Hispanic family. Personal boundaries covering your personal desires that is. The boundaries do not seem to be lined out to cover protecting those in the family nor does it go towards including them. It always puzzles me as to why a couple would have children, and I suppose I think more of women as I am a woman myself, if they are always complaining about the children and always looking to find a babysitter, time for themselves and seem to be constantly thinking of how much better it was and will be without the kids around. The lives of some people seem too busy to allow time for family. Time is scheduled so tightly and no flexibility is there. There is a career, gym, sports, friends, church, shopping, movies, family gatherings and the list just goes on and on. Then there are the toys: boats, motorbikes, race cars, classic cars, sporting goods, hiking, traveling, skiing... I tell you it boggles the mind. Even the day of rest is scheduled. I used to live in an area that...

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