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Interview Paper

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Interview Assignment 1

Executive Interview

Leadership Professional Ethics 350

For my interview I chose to interview Fire Controlman Senior Chief Petty Officer Gary Hively who holds the Combat Systems Maintenance Manager (CSMM) position and Combat System Departmental Leading Chief Petty Officer. As a CSMM you are required to have an extensive knowledge of the Aegis Combat System Suite, ...view middle of the document...

I love the challenge of my job and the ability to think outside the box. Unlike most positions on the ship, I report directly to the Commanding Officer on the status of the Combat System Suite, but with that comes a level of trust and responsibility that needs to be built over time. A Naval ship is a living, breathing animal that requires tender loving care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days out of the year. If you don't take care of her or respect her power she will bite you. I love serving my country and ensuring the safety of my shipmates. I believe I'm the exception to the rule as far as the pride I take in my work and my job. So that sums up the challenge of my job and what I love about it. What I like least about my job is funny to answer because it also some of the most rewarding aspects of my job. It is all the personnel issues you are required to deal with on a departmental level. You are required to resolve sexual assault and harassment cases, driving under the influence, racial tensions, personality conflicts, relationship issues at home and list goes on. What is difficult about these issues are finding ways to help your Sailors cope and focus on the ships mission while showing empathy and compassion for their situation. I understand you don’t choose you Sailors and they don’t choose you but you are a team that needs to fulfill a mission. Your Sailors come from different cultural and economic backgrounds. They come from good and dysfunctional homes but you need to find a way to connect and work with each of them differently based on their personalities. You are required to put on the brave face and act like "Superman" while dealing with your own issues at home. As a senior leader you are looked upon to resolve all issues both on the ship and off with very little time for yourself. On the flip side of that you watch your Sailors grow and advance to become the future of the Navy. You are able to make a positive impact on their lives both inside and outside the Navy. My job is a job where you are constantly looking into the future and not resting on your past achievements. The Navy is constantly in flux because of the high turnover at your present command and also throughout the Navy hierarchy. Some individuals like put their personal touch on things, some don't like to "reinvent the wheel" and some are type "A" personalities and it has to be done there way or else. The Navy always needs to look forward and remove the blinders because there are bad people out there that like to do bad things. We don't work in a 4x4 cubicle and we don't wait on the French fry timer so change is good in my line of business. Technology is always advancing and the government wants to be on that forefront in order to help those Sailors and Soldiers out there helping protect the world.” (Hively, G 2014 Personal Interview. June 10th 2014)
Meeting all the different groups of people with many different personalities was a bit overwhelming. Just when you...

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