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Transcript of the recorded interview

Name(s) of Interviewers: Wong Zu En and Mohamad Ilham Thayeb
Name of Person Interviewed: Elly Changi Jeffrey (Librarian in Taylor lakeside campus)
Date of Interview: 10th October 2013.
The following oral history transcript is the result of a tape-recorded interview with Elly Changi Jeffrey on October 10, 2013. The interview took place in Subang Jaya, Malaysia, and was conducted by Wong Zu En and Mohamed Ilham Thayeb for the promotional writing, Taylor Institution.
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Zu en: So, what makes you want to be a librarian after being a bartender?
Ellie: Because well, bar tendering was a part-time job, but I was educated as a librarian. So, that part I supposed to do.
Ilham: Do you have a dream job? Or you want to achieve as a librarian?
Ellie: I like that question! How it relate to my past part-time job, is one of my dream job is actually own my F&B outlet. When I have a cashier and I have my own place to drink, it’s like more relax Environment. Then I have a space where I can support in a way local talent, like a stage, to do stand-up or you want to do your band or you want to come and draw or hand painting on the wall. What ever.
Ilham: So, its like a street cafe?
Ellie: Yeah, But of course my cafe must have a area for book. Like you know...the costomer come and drink a cup of coffee and then they have their books, and if they are finish with ther book and they want they can need their book, So, it’s like a rotating process. But you borrow one you put back one, you borrow one u put back one.
Ilham: So, why do you choose to be a librarian?
Ellie: I did not choose to be a librarian, it’s given to me. And when I did my higher education I wanted to be an accountant. But, because I’m from a pure science stream, then they actually want me to take physics studies. But I didn’t want related to science anymore, but in the end I went to computer science. But the thing is, the more I learn and understand about this field, the more I like it.
Ilham: So, why do you choose Taylors library?
Ellie: Good question! Because when I graduated, Taylors was one of the…honestly, one of the leading universities….one of the top library for private university, the resources was very up to bar what I done in Singapore. Because I did my practical in Singapore, so is up to bar what I did in Singapore as compare to all the other institution in Malaysia.
Zu En: So, previously you work in Singapore?
Ellie: I did my practical there for one and a half month, in Nan Yang Technology University.
Ilham: Why didn’t you continue working in Singapore?
Ellie: In Singapore their education standard is different, if you have a degree you not consider as a librarian. You still do a job of what SPM graduate will do in Malaysia.
Zu en: So, degree to them is still considered as low education?
Ellie: Yeah… So, if you want to be a librarian in Singapore you must have a master. And your bachelor degree must have something else than library management.
Ilham: Oh, it’s quite hard!!!
Ellie: Yeah… is kind of hard. That’s why when I was asking advice from the chief librarian where I did my practical, he ask me to go back and study some more then if I want to continue working in Singapore I can go back there when I get my master
Zu en: Master to become librarian?
Ellie: Yup.
Zu en: So, what is your...

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