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Intersect Investment Essay

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Problem Solution and Defense
Problem Solution: Intersect Investments
Problem Solution and Defense
Intersect Investments is a financial services organization that has been struggling to compete against Wall Street's compelling record of success since the day of September 11, 2001. As a result of the perpetual unrest in the financial world; Intersect Investments needs to make a decision immediately in order to maintain momentum and assurance to their clients of their reliability and stability in the financial market. During the past four years Intersect Investment Financial Services has scarcely managed to survive the highs and lows of the financial market without making any ...view middle of the document...

The company's sales and marketing group has an opportunity to realize profitability by embracing the new vision. The new vision must overcome change resistance from some senior sales and marketing executives before it becomes a reality. New Executive VP of Sales and Marketing, Janet Angelo has to develop ways to gain support from her management team and subordinates. For three consecutive years the sales team was successful in improving productivity by decreasing call times and increasing number of calls. In the most recent year the sales team has been unable to meet projected sales goals; because it has experienced an increase in employee turnover and a decline in customer retention. Customers are seeking a financial advisor that is trustworthy, honest and focused on their needs. To achieve the desired growth within 12 months, Intersect Investments must provide extensive training to help deliver and implement the new customer intimacy vision.
Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas
Intersect Investments CEO, Frank Jeffers is committed to the new vision and is willing to make the necessary changes to ensure it becomes a reality. Jeffers has hired Janet Angelo as new Executive Vice President of Marketing and sales to transform the organization and implement the new vision. CEO, Jeffers has been with Intersect Investments for 25 years and over the years has implemented various organizational changes. Jeffers had to release his most recent hire the Executive VP of Sales and Marketing because he did not embrace and share Jeffers commitment to the new vision. Frank hopes the newly appointed VP of Sales and Marketing, Janet Angelo can effectively implement the changes needed to become one of the top three financial institutions. Angelo was hired by Frank because of her experience and success in restructuring companies using the customer intimacy model. Janet has been given a 12 month time table to achieve the desired results. Janet needs the support of her management team and employees to allow the new ideas and change to take place within the organization. Angelo is ready for the challenges and very excited about working with a talented team. Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Thomas Hardy is very receptive to Angelo and believes she is the right individual to implement the necessary changes and lead the company back to profitability. Hardy quickly engages Angelo by inviting her to discuss the issues facing the company, and the strategic vision she committed to implementing within 12 months. CEO, Frank Jeffers encourages Angelo to meet with Hardy to discuss her plans in working with her team to identify alternatives to enhance customer value and trust while maintaining exceptional customer service and product offerings. Angelo holds a meeting in which she meets management team members to discuss the plan and provide insight on past failing plans. Director of Sales and Operations, Annie Sorrento expresses reservations in the plan because...

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