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Interpretations Of The Mind I Attempted To Merge My Discussion Of Carver's Story And Holland's Essay. I Tried To Show The Reader How I Agree With Holland And Carver's Discussion

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At times humans are helpless. In many occasions, it does not matter how strong or how important we are, we feel weak, and vulnerable. When we are sick, depressed, or lonely we are helpless.In Raymond Carver's story, there are a number of things, which point to the story talking about death and life, the following quote illustrates this:"Slugs" and "I just gave them a dose of this," he saidraising a can of something that looked like Ajax."They're taking over" (34)In the story, Sam points to the earthworms, taking a can of Ajax to kill them. I think that the slugs represent human beings. Helpless. Many times without a way out. In addition, the Ajax represents the different kinds of diseases, ...view middle of the document...

In addition, I suspect that here, the reader is expecting to hear something serious from Sam. However, what Sam was pointing to were small, little worms. While reading this piece I thought of my mother. My mother used to walk to the backyard. Early in the morning, she used to dump salt on the worms to kill them. She used to spend innumerable hours killing worms, and worrying about them. I was able to relate to this passage with ease. It reminded me of my mother.We can relate to what we are reading if we had prior knowledge, or had our own personal experiences. I agree with Holland's central thesis, I think that when a person interprets anything in a text, or in a painting, out of his or her descriptions it shows the individual's identity. Holland writes, "We recreate our identity when we read and interpret a text." (121) I do think that my interpretation of Carver's story is a reflection of my identity. I say this because my interpretations of Carver's story are things that I believe is being said in the story.In some cases, my interpretations might be a reflection of my identity. Holland uses something that he calls DEFT, which stands for Defense-Fantasy-Transformation. I think the way DEFT functions in my interpretations, is the object that helps me interpret a piece of writing. I think that one cannot interpret any piece of writing without having something like DEFT. DEFT may be interpreted as a necessity of life. In order to interpret or understand anything in life, you must understand how DEFT works.I fully concur with Holland's point of view. With all the quotes that I picked from Holland, I agreed with them fully as this quote: "Like a...

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