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"Interpretation Of A Narrative" Analysis Of An Article (A Narrative) Written By Absalom Jones And Richard Allen. Yellow Fever Outbreak Of 1793

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INTERPRETATION OF A NARRATIVECrises such as plagues and outbreaks of disease bring out the best in people, as well as the worst of them. A Narrative is an article written by Absalom Jones and Richard Allen, two African American ministers who lived in Philadelphia during the Yellow Fever outbreak of 1793. The article functions as both a historical account of the epidemic, and a refutation of false accusations made by Caucasians towards the African American community in the city. Jones and Allen made a valuable contribution to the historical record of this outbreak by writing this eloquent account. They were also better qualified to tell of this tragedy than any of their ...view middle of the document...

During this period of history, it can be argued that Philadelphia and most of the country had theocratic mentality. Religion was used to explain things that science could not; such as diseases. However, there were different interpretations of what role God played. Some fled the city, believing there was no escape from this divinely caused plague. However, others such as Allen and Jones took a more compassionate route in life and decided to stay and help in every way they could. The majority of those who stayed to assist the sick did so believing that God would protect them on their righteous and selfless path. Allen and Jones had such strong beliefs that they felt they were "instruments in the hands of God" when they were treating and bleeding the sick.At first glance it might seem unusual that a minister would reject the idea of divine causation, but when examined further the reason becomes apparent. In a sense, Allen and Jones functioned as medics. They were not exactly doctors, but they had received some training in a specific area of medicine-the treatment of diseases. With this somewhat scientific knowledge they knew that Yellow Fever was not a heavenly creation designed to strike down the citizens of Philadelphia, but rather a phenomenon of nature. They did not know exactly what they were dealing with, but they knew that it could affect anyone. Thusly, they did not feel that God was striking people down; they felt instead that God was protecting the people whom he wanted to protect from the disease.For most of the colored people who came forward to help, financial compensation for their time, effort, and risk was not even a priority. Some refused pay, believing that God would watch over them if they gave assistance for the sole reason of wanting to help others. Some made no demands and simply accepted whatever they might be offered, which was in some cases nothing if the family being helped was poor. The authors accepted pay, but ended up spending more money on assistants, coffins, and sundry gifts than they received.Many colored people volunteered to help the sick. The majority of them were honest, hardworking people, but there are always a few who care more about money than ethics and morals. Problems arose as some people began taking advantage of the sick. Both whites and blacks were guilty of pilfering, but the only group of people who were publicly blamed was the African Americans. According to Allen and Jones, white people pilfered as much and most likely more than colored people. "It is unpleasant for us to make these remarks, but the justice to our color demands it." Beyond justice is the issue of defamation of character. The negative press most likely added to the already negative stereotypes of black people.A negative reputation would limit job opportunities for African Americans in the wake of this outbreak. A further accusation regarded cruel behavior. Allen and Jones state as a fact that white people were crueler than the...

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