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Interpersonal Skills Essay

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Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal communication describes the process of communicating ideas, thoughts and feelings to another person or a group of people. Interpersonal communication skills are acquired behaviours which improve with knowledge and practice.
Interpersonal communication occurs between at least two people who usually interact face-to-face and act at the same time as objects and subjects of knowledge, message receivers and message senders. The nature of interacting is different when communicating with friends, family or strangers, but the aim is always to learn more about the other person using both verbal and nonverbal communication. When people are related they see ...view middle of the document...

They both complete the statement and in order to avoid misunderstanding relational messages, which are usually ambiguous, need verbal verification and vice versa. Depending on the roles people play in their relationship with the communicators they show different identity and present different self-image.
Through interpersonal communications and relational messages, in particular, individuals express and satisfy their social needs such as inclusion, control, affection and respect. According to William Schutz's Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO) theory, the three main interpersonal needs which every person tries to satisfy through communication are affection/openness, control and inclusion. The first is the need to build relationships with others; the second is the need to prove one's leadership skills, especially in a group, while the third one is the need to establish an identity.
Relationship development is based entirely on interpersonal communication and researchers have developed several approaches to explain its character. The main approaches to interpersonal communication include the developmental approach, the situational approach, the rules approach and the covering law approach.
The developmental approach describes the building of interpersonal relationships as a set of stages during which interpersonal communication plays the main role. In every stage the way people communicate and interact with each other evolves until it reaches the intimacy level. According to Mark Knapp's Relational Stages Model relationships start with the initiation phase in which...

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