Interpersonal Improvement Essay

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M1A3 Goals Identification and Reality Assessment Worksheet

1. Describe a goal for interpersonal improvement in your personal life. Be sure to explain the following:

* What aspects of your own interpersonal communication skills would you like to improve?
* How far are you from attaining this goal?
* Do you think this goal is set too high or too low? Why, or why not?
* How long will it take me to attain this goal?
* If the goal will take a long time to attain, could you set smaller goals that you could attain while still working toward your bigger goal?
* How will you benefit from successfully attaining your goal?

My personal goal is to be able to communicate my feelings more often. I think it will take me a few months to successfully attain this goal because I’ve been so closed off for so long. I do not think my goal is set too high or too low because I ...view middle of the document...

This improvement is in the works and it is tough but I discipline myself to keep going. This goal is two parts, studying more is not set too high or too low because assignments are consistent and it is my responsibility to keep on top of them. As for graduating, this one is long term but I feel it is an important academic goal to me because it keeps my eye on the prize. I will benefit from this goal because if I study more that leads to good grades, then I can graduate and take my knowledge from school and apply it to my career and my life.

3. Describe a goal for interpersonal improvement in your professional life. Be sure to explain the following:

* In your career, what areas of your interpersonal communication could you improve?
* How far are you from attaining this goal?
* Do you think this goal is set too high or too low? Why, or why not?
* How long will it take me to attain this goal?
* If the goal will take a long time to attain, could you set smaller goals that you could attain while still working toward your bigger goal?
* How will you benefit from successfully attaining your goal?

My professional goal is to try to take on more responsibilities at my job. This goal will take about six months to a year, because moving up in a company takes some time. I think this goal is set in the middle because I want to be sure I learn all the material needed to move forward. A smaller goal I could give myself is to learn a section each week and test myself on it. I will benefit from this goal because it will give me a chance to learn how to be a team leader, since I’ve been a follower for seven years.

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