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Interpersonal Crash Essay

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Interpersonal communication is "the process of exchanging messages, usually between two people, to create and share meaning" (Sole, 2011). The movie "Crash" shows numerous examples of interpersonal conflicts between different characters in which all are interlocked with another. This paper will identify one of the interpersonal conflicts of many that was poorly handled, and how it could have been dealt with in a different way. Conversation is an important part of connecting with others and forming relationships. It is the way things are said verbally or non verbally to how an individual will react or decide to form a relationship with another.

The character named Anthony is ...view middle of the document...

He bases his comments and actions on the body language of the couple he decides to rob. The woman just happens to grab her husbands arm at the point when he is places himself in her shoes with a concern about giving her enough personal time within their romantic relationship. The conflict Anthony has intertwines with the conflict the couple is having at the same moment. Mr. Cabot is using his listening skills to make sure his wife feels good about their relationship. He uses his effective listening process which is "a process that requires motivating yourself to listen, clearly hearing the message, paying attention to the message, correctly interpreting the message, evaluating the message, and remembering and responding appropriately (Sole, 2011). He listened to her concerns, paid attention by responding at the appropriate time, evaluated and responded by the offer of giving her his phone battery the rest of the night.

Anthony could have use all six of the skills to realize everyone was not out to get him. The waitress in the beginning may have had a lot of tables to tend to. He could have...

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